abjuration wizard 5e

All right, today we are talking about the wizard tank, the 5e abjuration wizard. For one reason or another, the abjuration wizard for 5e is one among the tackiest builds that effectively gives you the hitpoints of a fighter.

The Player’s Handbook introduced all 8 schools of magic as focuses for the Wizard. One school that’s traditionally laughed off is Abjuration. You see, Abjuration may be a school filled with defensive or reactionary spells. Most Wizards know one or two spells from Abjuration – Mage Armor, Shield, Counterspell – but few actually concentrate on it. The wizards that do specialize in Abjuration are problem solvers. they’re there to exorcise demons, counter magical catastrophes, and shut portals. These abjurers are proud and respected… By normal society. Will you be respected by an adventuring party as much as you’re by churches or cities? Let’s determine with our Abjuration Wizard 5E Guide.

Abjuration 5e

abjuration wizard 5e

The Abjuration Wizard is, unsurprisingly, a strictly defensive archetype. Surprisingly, this is often a very good one. the choices you get to defend yourself and your party are vast and potent. They focus on an Arcane Ward – a very great health shield – also as some great anti-magic afterward, just once you need it!

In most cases, if you manage to kill a Wizard or find a spellbook, you’ll find Abjuration magic. Spells to seem for include Counterspell, Dispel Magic, and Protection from Energy. you’ll also find situational good spells, like Stoneskin or Remove Curse, both really strong wizard spells within the right campaigns.

Abjuration’s general usefulness is sweet for you, making this one among the simplest Savant skills. Even so, you’ll get to learn the fundamentals. Get Mage Armor, get Shield. Consider Protection from Evil and Good, as it’ll be useful later. And, if your GM isn’t too good about getting you spellbooks or libraries, then ignore this ability’s effects and learn important spells naturally. you are doing not, under any circumstances, want to lose Counterspell or Dispel Magic by expecting a spellbook to drop into your lap.

The abjuration’s strongest ability, Arcane Ward comes online at level 2. Thus, giving credibility to the category for being one among the most important hitpoint classes within the entire game. Even having the ability to surpass a barbarian in hitpoints with the proper build.

But, because of an occasional 6th and decent 10th level ability. the category fails to actually achieve anything again until level 14 where it gains advantage on all spell saves and resistance to spells. an outstanding ability to make certain.

Therefore, this class attempts to extend your survivability via hitpoint maximum. So, when playing this class it’s recommended to place attention on hitpoints.

However, because of the wizard having few abilities that help make the wizard a simpler caster, the category gets a solid blue rating for increasing a wizard’s survivability but little else.

The 5e Abjuration Wizard is certainly one that focuses on hit points and survivability quite casting. Unlike the bladesinger, that attempts to extend your survivability via AC, the abjuration wizard will have a better chance of being hit as compared but can take more hits also.

Therefore, plan accordingly with this class. If you’re during a campaign where the DM is trying to kill you, then this could be the best choice for you. That said, since the 5e abjuration wizard does little else but increases survivability, I like to recommend playing a sort of a usual wizard.

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