Best DnD Map Making Software (Free & Paid) in 2022

Mapmakers are quite varied. You may need to try a few before finding the one that’s right for you. Below we discuss a few of the different types available and give recommendations on which one is best suited for your needs.

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Best Dnd Map Making Software

1. Inkarnate

Inkarnate is a perfect option for anyone who needs to create detailed printed maps for their online game. It has an intuitive interface, tons of assets, and can create high quality & polished maps in minutes.

Inkarnate DNd Map Making Software


  • As far as map-building tools are concerned, this one is easily the most versatile.
  • This program is completely online and doesn’t require the installation of software.
  • UI is a powerful tool, able to create truly amazing maps, while still being easy to use. It’s good for creating this type of content quickly.
  • Free and Pro versions
  • Can import custom assets
  • The latest version of this app allows for the commercial sale of maps.


  • When creating dungeons, it can be cumbersome to have walls ‘snap’ together. This can lead to a lack of realism.
  • We don’t want you to have to buy a subscription.
  • When you’re working with lots of assets or a slow connection, the performance can become bad.

2. Dungeondraft

Dungeondraft is a new tabletop game from Fantasy Flight Games that focuses on smaller-scale battle maps. It is the successor of Wonderdraft. The game uses a hexagonal grid, with each hex representing an area of roughly 100 feet by 100 feet. Because the game maps are only 1/6th of a mile square, players can use their map as the basis for an entire campaign world setting.

Dungeondraft D&D Map making software


  • Vector-based graphics are scalable and can deform at any resolution.
  • The walls and floors are seamlessly integrated, making the creation of complex indoor environments a breeze
  • Custom assets, brushes, etc. are easily available
  • No internet required
  • Built-in lighting system
  • One time purchase
  • No additional commercial licensing


  • Software download, no in-browser option
  • While maps can be created using the software, they are not suitable for this application.
  • No free option

3. Dungeon Scrawl

Dungeon Scrawl is an online map builder that creates hand-drawn maps that are ideal for planning. It helps players to create a map and share it with their friends and foes.

Dungeon Scrawl dnd map making software


  • Random dungeon generator for the donjon board game.
  • UI is very clean and easy to use
  • A tool that automatically transforms text into diagrams is also known as a computational ink.
  • Free to use
  • You have plenty of pixel exportable map assets to choose from! You can use them in Photoshop or Illustrator and make them look better.
  • Items provided by Two Minute Tabletop, for use with their products


  • Maps lack the detail and feel of UI materials such as Inkarnate or Dungeon Fog.
  • No map options will be available for this product.

4. Wonderdraft

Wonderdraft is mapping software that allows users to create maps for their fantasy worlds. These maps are specific to regions in the world, in order to make them more tangible and relatable. Transform your ideas into a map that can be saved and shared with friends and clients.

Wonderdraft dnd map making software


  • Regional map-making tools are used by professionals in the industry because they provide an unrivaled level of quality & convenience.
  • One time purchase is only needed


  • There is no download option for this software as it is in-build.
  • It is not recommended to use the software for creating battle maps.
  • No free option

5. Dungeon Fog

To build their game, Dungeon Fog, the developers looked at Inkarnate. The maker of Inkarnate was kind enough to let them use some of his designs and code snippets but they had to give credit where credit was due.

Dungeon Fog is a game about a dungeon builder who is stuck in endless dungeons with no way out or back. The online builder called Dungeon Fog looks a lot like Inkarnate. It is free to use and has plenty of assets for any designer or artist.

Dungeon Fog Dnd Map making software


  • They are capable of organizing maps into groups or “floors” as well as into campaigns.
  • Door and window frames can be snapped to walls, allowing for the creation of multiple rooms without any issues.
  • It is a next-generation digital asset management platform that provides a better organization of assets than outdated, manual systems.


  • Much more expensive
  • Less free assets
  • UI isn’t very easy to navigate
  • It is hard to find assets that don’t cost anything for people who’re on a free trial of the service.

6. Dungeon Builder by Hobbyte

Hobbyte is a downloadable map-making tool that specializes in creating 3D dungeons for mobile devices. The app can create fully interactive and dynamic maps for role-playing games that can be shared with friends or uploaded to platforms such as Steam Workshop.

Dungeon Builder by Hobbyte


  • As far as displaying maps go, it’s an extremely unique and cool way.
  • Commercial options available
  • Make small regional maps and dungeon maps
  • Easy to mod assets
  • You can customize dice rolling with the standard six sides, set traps and doors on your map with Fog of War, and reveal entire areas of the terrain without any extra work on their part.
  • Maps for Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds are typically difficult to use on a typical online platform. This is because these interactive maps provide many pictures, descriptions, and interactive features that would be difficult to map using simple text in an online option like the forums.
  • Scalable exporting to fit any resolution


  • The free version of the map maker is more of a demo than a viable tool for everyone.
  • Commercial licenses are much more expensive.
  • Maps can be confusing.
  • No online solution

There are so many map maker options available that one user can utilize. But it is important that one is choosing the right one only. If they are not choosing the right one they will not be able to get the outcomes they want. Furthermore, one can look out for other options in order to get their task done when they wish to create a map!

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