Warlock Spells 5e (5th Edition) in D&D Spells

Warlock Spells 5e (5th edition) are Dungeons & Dragons’ answer to the sugar baby. Exceptionally powerful sugar-daddies referred to as patrons provide a small portion of their power to Warlocks which enables them to cast spells and perform other fun tricks, like communicating telepathically. By reading my list you’ll gain a solid understanding of a … Read more

Sorcerer Spells 5e (5th Edition) in D&D Spells

So you’ve decided to play a sorcerer spells 5e (5th edition). We’ve got all the answers you would like during this complete guide to playing sorcerer spells 5e in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition With the changes made to spellcasting within the 5th edition, many players believe that sorcerers are underpowered compared to wizards. this … Read more

Bard Spells 5e (5th Edition) for DND

The 5th edition bard receives only a few spells unique to themselves or the flavor of a storyteller or musician. Besides vicious mockery, there’s little uniqueness to the bard’s spellcasting ability. Even one among their class features is to steal spells from a wizard; while which will be interesting, if there’s a wizard already within … Read more

5e Thunderstep

You teleport yourself to an unoccupied space you’ll see within range. Immediately after you disappear, a thunderous boom sounds, and every creature within 10 feet of the space you left must make a Constitution saving throw, taking 3d10 thunder damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. The thunder … Read more