Changeling 5e (5th Edition) in Dnd Races

Changelings cover properly underneath our noses, every so often whilst carrying our noses. Changelings get to re-sculpt themselves like Clayface on every occasion they like and if you can’t come up with some shenanigans with that you’re simply no longer attempting difficult enough. Their origins are mysterious and secretive, and so are most of the time. So, stick with us as we delve into the hidden world of changelings and go via the whole lot you want to know.

Changeling 5e race in dnd

Changelings cropped up way again in the third version and they’ve long gone thru a few lore shifts considering that the olden days. Originally, they have been descendants of doppelgangers (which makes complete sense) however the present-day lore leaves their actual origins a thriller past a legendary blessing of a mysterious traveler.

Changeling 5e

Currently, changelings have scattered humans except a robust tradition to construct upon, as a substitute they typically disappear into different cultures. Most human settlements have at least a few changelings hidden inside them, dwelling their lives or even more than one lives with their neighbors definitely ignorant of the deception.

General Information

  • Homeland(s): Khorvaire
  • Language(s): Common

5th Edition Statistics

  • Type: Humanoid


  • Average height: 5′7″‒6′0″ (1.7‒1.8 m) [citation needed]
  • Average weight: 120‒160 lb (54,000‒73,000 g) [citation needed]

There are additionally roaming changeling tribes, caravans residing the existence of their traveler god and by no means staying in one location lengthy sufficient to be discovered. These tribes will every now and then take the guise of thieves’ guilds, or entertainers, or thieving entertainers.

Obviously, a changeling’s look can trade at any moment, however, they do have a genuine form. Their real pores and skin are commonly gray or light white, and their facial points are clean slates to an unnerving degree. They’re usually skinny and gaunt, and their hair is typically silvery with an occasional inexperienced or purple tint.

But what are you doing sporting your “true” face? You can be every person you want! Changelings can reshape themselves to seem to be like anybody, there are a few minor limits there however for the most phase you can seem to be like whoever you want!

Changelings have a tendency to shape “personas”, full identities that they stay with for prolonged durations of time. Changelings put a lot of notion and work into these personas, and on best occasions, they can final a lifetime and shape actual relationships sporting these personas. For many changelings, a persona can come to be their actual life and turn out to be who they are. Keeping their proper nature a secret can emerge as all-consuming in these situations, particularly if they’ve married.

When they’re simply tricking a protect or the usage of a face for a little while, they name it a “mask”. A factor to be put on or taken off as an accessory. These are appearances that have little to no thinking put into them and don’t commonly withhold the pressure of thorough scrutiny.

The most frequent way for a changeling to get caught out is by means of having incomplete information, thinking analyzing solve that trouble nicely. Build a warlock and choose the gorgeous historical one as your patron. This archetype offers you straight-up telepathy, a ton of idea spells, and intellectual protections in case the enemy has their very own intellectual warriors. Especially extremely good for mixing into cults and different nefarious magical organizations.

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