Choosing a Paladin Subclass: Most and Least Impressive Oaths

The paladin is a class of characters built primarily around their oath, the divine root that governs their powers and grants them unique abilities. If you want to play a paladin character in 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, here are some of the subclasses that your options are. The Oath of Devotion is a monk-like oath that places a heavy emphasis on both faith and martial feats. The Secret World of the Paladin gives paladins their fast and flashy option: channel divine energy to unleash righteous fire on their enemies.


Paladin Subclass 5e

The Oathbreaker is more for those who are looking for stealthy options. Drawing from a secret language, the Oathbreaker can shapeshift into an array of creatures that can be used as tools to take down opponents. The Oath of the Crown is a royal oath, which means you are part of a king’s personal guard, but it also grants access to some royal abilities (such as magic resistance or proficiency with weapons).

What are paladin subclasses 5e?

The paladin is a flexible class with a strong emphasis on martial prowess and code of conduct, the Paladin has many devotions to the gods, but he or she has this unique trait: paladins are able to draw divine power from their oaths as well as their devotion. This tends to make paladins who choose one of these subclasses more than a traditional warrior: monks who use movement abilities and abilities that are relatively unique.

Oath of Devotion?

The Oath of Devotion is probably the most stereotypical of all paladin subclasses 5e because it is so straightforward. Channel Divinity grants you some nice options in melee combat, including healing yourself and others nearby you. Lay on Hands is an early game ability that allows you to heal allies of a few points of damage. It is particularly great for getting people out of the danger of death. Divine Smite is a feature that lets paladins strengthen their two-handed weapons, which are usually your only weapon option until level 9.

The Oath of the Crown features

The Oathbreaker comes from an ancient secret language, which gives these paladins access to several unique abilities, including some useful stealth tricks and severe shapeshifting capabilities. The ability to imitate various creatures and use your perception to trick enemies gives you some options. This class is more of a finesse combatant, allowing you to go unnoticed in many situations, but if the need presents itself, you can shift into an animal form and slip into the shadows.

The Secret Word is, first off, very useful; it provides a +5 bonus to saving throws while casting spells, which is great for the paladin who already takes Wisdom as their main stat. It also grants proficiency with light armor and medium armor. The other benefit here is that it provides a special movement ability called Still Spell.

Final Verdict

These are the Paladin subclasses that are considered the best 5e paladin subclasses by many 5th edition players and DMs. A unique feature of this class, since it comes from a monarch, is that you can speak with reptiles. This ability lets you communicate with creatures such as snakes, lizards, and other creatures that fall under the title of reptile in your native language.

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