Cleric 5e Class

Arms and eyes upraised toward the sun and a prayer on his lips, an elf begins to glow with an Inner Light that spills bent heal his battle-worn companions.

Chanting a song of glory, a dwarf swings his ax in wide swaths to chop through the ranks of orcs arrayed against him, shouting praise to the gods with every foe’s fall.

Cleric 5e


Cleric 5e Class

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Cleric level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + your Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + your Constitution modifier per Cleric level after 1st

Starting Proficiencies

You are proficient with the following items, in addition to any Proficiencies provided by your race or Background.

Armor: Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields
Weapons: Simple Weapons
Tools: none
Saving Throws: Wisdom, Charisma
Skills: Choose two from History, Insight, Medicine, Persuasion, and Religion

Starting Equipment

You start with the following items, plus anything provided by your Background.

• (a) a mace or (b) a Warhammer (if proficient)
• (a) Scale Mail, (b) Leather Armor, or (c) Chain Mail (if proficient)
• (a) a Light Crossbow and 20 bolts or (b) any simple weapon
• (a) a Priest’s Pack or (b) an Explorer’s Pack
• A Shield and a holy Symbol

Table: The Cleric

LevelProficiency BonusFeaturesCantrips KnownSpell Slots per Spell Level
1st2Spellcasting, Divine Domain32--------
2nd2Channel Divinity (1/rest), Divine Domain feature33--------
4th2Ability Score Improvement443-------
5th3Destroy Undead (CR 1/2)4432------
6th3Channel Divinity (2/rest), Divine Domain feature4433------
8th3Ability Score Improvement, Destroy Undead (CR 1), Divine Domain feature44332-----
10th4Divine Intervention543332----
11th4Destroy Undead (CR 2)5433321---
12th4Ability Score Improvement5433321---
14th5Destroy Undead (CR 3)54333211--
16th5Ability Score Improvement543332111-
17th6Destroy Undead (CR 4), Divine Domain feature5433321111
18th6Channel Divinity (3/rest)5433331111
19th6Ability Score Improvement5433332111
20th6Divine Intervention improvement5433332211

Calling down a curse upon the forces of undeath, a person’s lift her holy symbol as light pours from it to repel the zombies crowding in on her companions.

Clerics are intermediaries between the mortal world and therefore the distant planes of the gods. As varied because the gods they serve, clerics strive to embody the handiwork of their deities. No ordinary priest, a cleric is imbued with divine magic.

Divine magic, because the name suggests, is that the power of the gods, flowing from them into the planet. Clerics are conduits for that power, manifesting it as miraculous effects. The gods don’t grant this power to everyone who seeks it, but only to those chosen to satisfy a high calling.

Harnessing divine magic doesn’t believe in study or training. A cleric might learn formulaic prayers and ancient rites, but the power to cast cleric spells relies on devotion and an intuitive sense of a deity’s wishes.

Clerics combine the helpful magic of healing and galvanizing their allies with spells that harm and hinder foes. they will provoke awe and dread, lay curses of plague or poison, and even call down flames from heaven to consume their enemies. For those evildoers who will benefit most from a mace to the top, clerics depend upon their combat training to allow them to wade into melee with the facility of the gods on their side.

Clerics choose which domain they’re going to concentrate on at level 1. These domains typically fall to a god in each Pantheon. as an example, the gods of data might be Thoth, Oghma, or Aureon. Each domain is given access to an inventory of spells from many spell lists (including some wizard spells), which are always considered “prepared”. The domain you select can have an enormous impact on your character’s abilities in and out of combat, so choose……wisely.

Cleric Domains within the Player’s Handbook (beginning on page 59)Include:

Knowledge: you’ve got access to knowledge and skills that others wouldn’t, including wizard spells like identify an arcane eye.

Life: Your healing spells are simpler, and at higher levels, you furthermore may heal yourself.

Light: You gain access to potent fire-based spells including fireball and wall of fireside

Nature: You gain charm abilities for plants and animals, and may use your reaction to scale back some sorts of damage to creatures.

Tempest: You gain several storms based damage options, including a Channel Divinity that permits for max lightning or thunder damage. At later levels, you furthermore may gain the power to fly when not underground or indoors.

Trickery: This domain includes several wizards spells sort of a reflection and disguise self. Their channel Divinity option Invoke Duplicity is great because it allows you to make an illusionary duplicate and you’ll cast spells as if you were within the illusion’s space.

War: This domain offers additional proficiencies in heavy armor and weapons, also as access to several combat-related spells like stoneskin and crusader’s mantle. Their Channel Divinity option allows you to use your reaction to offer a +10 to strike on an attack roll. this will change the tide of battle!

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