Command 5e (5th Edition) Spell in D&D

Command 5e: This spell permits you some diploma of manipulating over an undead creature. Assuming the concern is intelligent, it perceives your phrases and moves in the most favorable way.  It will no longer assault you whilst the spell lasts. You can attempt to provide the situation orders, however, you need to win an antagonistic Charisma test to persuade it to do something it wouldn’t primarily do. A shrewd commanded undead by no means obeys suicidal or for sure dangerous orders, however, it would possibly be satisfied that something very hazardous is really worth doing.

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Command 5e

Casting Time1 action
ClassesCleric, Paladin, Warlock
Duration1 round<
Higher Spell Slot DescWhen you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher, you can affect one additional creature for each slot level above 1st. The creatures must be within 30 feet of each other when you target them.
Range60 feet
TargetA creature you can see within range

A non-intelligent undead creature receives no saving throw in opposition to this spell. When you manipulate a senseless being, you can talk solely simple commands, such as standstill, come here, fight, go there, and so on. Nonintelligent undead won’t withstand suicidal or needless to say damaging orders.

Any act through you or your obvious allies that threatens the commanded undead breaks the spell. Your instructions are now not telepathic. The undead creature needs to be capable to hear from you.


We found, There are so many command 5e ideas. let us check here

  • Fall! or Trip
  • Undress
  • Surrender
  • Sleep (or, equivalently, Die!)
  • Vomit
  • Flee
  • Talk!, Lecture!, Sing!, Silence!, or for bonus points, Monologue
  • Dance
  • Help! or Cooperate!
  • Swim


  • In DnD 5e, do most wands no longer require command words?

The wand’s description tells us how to use it.

  • Good Single Word Instruction for Command Spell

you can argue that in the match of a failed check, the NPC ought to be compelled to function its exceptional wager as to your meaning; hilarity can also be anticipated to ensue.

  • The creative participant used Command to suicide kill boss monster?

The spell has no impact if the goal is undead, if it doesn’t apprehend your language, or if your command is at once hazardous to it.

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