Comprehend Languages

For the duration, you apprehend the literal which means of any spoken language that you hear. You additionally recognize any written language that you see, however you should be touching the floor on which the phrases are written. It takes about 1 minute to study one web page of text.

Casting Time

1 action


Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard




1 hour


A pinch of soot and salt


Comprehend Languages


Just use that bolded section, and it ought to work out. An easy cipher, a spell designed to cover text, or making the textual content magical at all (perhaps it magically switches to the subsequent web page when the ultimate phrase on the cutting-edge web page is recited aloud – for every person who is aware of the language, it is an easy convenience; for everyone relying on Comprehend Languages, it is a pain).

Once you have the language, you can commence constructing logical lists the place the phrases appear. You can see how this ought to be beneficial to take these objects after they have been extracted and categorized, and cross them via a workflow to the excellent personnel or for in addition use programmatically by using an application

The nice aspect would be to have something the place know languages offers a correct translation of the phrases however does no longer always deliver the that means at the back of the words, both due to adjustments in linguistic utilization which sure scribes have studied or due to the fact the writing was once no longer simply any other language however deliberately coded and you want scribes as trained code breakers.

Comprehend Languages does no longer an essential translation element written in code. Just understanding the language does now not have to suggest that the message used to be written in a way that is comprehensible to simply anyone.


  • Does Comprehend Languages permit one to recognize Thieves’ Cant?

No. Comprehend languages solely lets you apprehend the literal that means of the words.

  • Does Comprehend Languages work via a Familiar?

No, the outcomes of Comprehend Languages and the usage of your familiar’s senses are jointly exclusive

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