Contact Other Plane 5E Spell In DnD

Contact Other Plane: You have to contact a demigod mentally and also meet the spirit of a long-dead sage or some mysterious entity from the opposite plane. By contracting this extraplanar intelligence can might strain or break your mind also. You’ve got to form a DC 15 intelligence saving throw this is often possible only you cast this spell.

On failure and successful saving throw, you’ll get the various damages like on a failure you’ll take 6d6 psychic damage and this is often insane until you finish an extended rest once you are in an insane state of mind then you’ll not speak, you’ll not understand what other creatures are saying. but you’ll speak only in gibberish. This effect will end when a 5e greater restoration spell sews you.

Contact Other Plane 5E Spell in D&D


Contact Other Plane 5E Spell

  • Casting Time: 1 minute
  • Range: Self
  • Components: V
  • Duration: 1 minute
  • Classes: Warlock, Wizard

Contact Other Plane 5E

Now about successful saving throw, here you’ll ask your entity up to 5 questions. But these questions should be asked before the top of the Contact Other Plane 5e spell. For your questions, the GM will give the answers in “YES” or “No” type answers like “Maybe”, “Irrelevant”, or “Unclear”. Sometimes the answers would cause you to be dissatisfied at those times the GM would offer a brief phrase as your wishing answer.

You mentally contact a demigod, the spirit of a long-dead sage, or another mysterious entity from another plane. Contacting this extraplanar intelligence can strain or maybe break your mind. once you cast this spell, make a DC 15 Intelligence saving throw. On a failure, you’re taking 6d6 psychic damage and are insane until you finish an extended Rest. While insane, you cannot take action, can’t understand what other creatures say, can’t read, and speak only in gibberish. A Greater Restoration spell sews you end this effect.

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Functioning similarly to the commune spell, this allowed the caster to contact another powerful mind. Unlike commune, the mind might be of anything from a demigod, the spirit of a long-dead sage, or maybe an unknown entity from another plane. The caster could ask five questions of the contact, and therefore the contact could only answer with simple words like yes, no, maybe, never, irrelevant, or unclear. If a solution would be misleading then the entity might respond with a brief phrase.

However, unlike the divine variant, this spell could cause massive damage and insanity to the caster because the other intellect could be too great and will break the caster’s mind. The insanity would last until the caster had an extended rest or they were suffering from the greater restoration. A caster was unable to use this spell within the phlogiston

On a successful save, you’ll ask the entity up to 5 questions. you want to ask your questions before the spell ends. The DM answers each question with one word, like yes, no, maybe, never, irrelevant, unclear (if the entity doesn’t know the solution to the question). If a one-word answer would be misleading, the DM might instead offer a brief phrase as a solution.


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