Radiant Destruction: Using Crown of Stars to Defeat Undead and Fiends in D&D 5e

“Crown of Stars” is a spell in the 5th edition of the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. It is a 7th-level spell available to sorcerers and wizards.

When cast, Crown of Stars creates seven glowing motes of light that orbit the caster’s head. Each mote can be used to make a ranged spell attack against a target within 120 feet, dealing radiant damage on a hit. The caster can use all seven motes in a single turn or spread them out over multiple turns, and the spell’s duration is one hour.

In addition to its combat usefulness, Crown of Stars is also notable for its roleplaying potential. The glowing motes of light can make the caster appear more powerful and impressive, and the spell’s radiant damage can be effective against certain types of creatures such as undead or fiends.

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Seven star-like motes of light appear and orbit your head until the spell ends. you’ll use a bonus action to send one among the motes streaking toward one creature or object within 120 feet of you. once you do so, make a ranged spell attack. On a hit. the target takes 4d12 radiant damage. Whether you hit or miss, the mote is expended. The spell ends early if you expend the last mote. If you’ve got four or more motes remaining, they shed bright light during a 30-foot radius and dim light for a further 30 feet. If you’ve got one to 3 motes remaining, they shed dim light during a 30—foot radius.

When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 8th level or higher, the number of motes created increases by two for every slot level above 7th.

Crown of Stars 5e

Crown of Stars 5e

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: Self
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Scales: Yes
  • Casters: Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

To you, the spell is great because it helps you maximize your action economy. As a Wizard, there’s not plenty of stuff to use your bonus action on, so this is often awesome. having the ability to prep it beforehand and have good damage every round for 7 rounds is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, the great range means you’ll stride into battle from 120 feet away and hammer enemies with the celebs and still cast Fire Bolt, for instance, doubling your damage.

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However, other items like a necklace of fireballs, do much an equivalent thing but don’t specify that you simply are literally casting a spell. For those items, you’ll cast a bonus action spell and then use the action given therein item’s description to cause another magical effect to occur. Therefore, a sorcerer could use Quicken Spell to cast a fireball as a bonus action and then throw a bead from a necklace of fireballs as an action to make another fireball.

Another action you’ll fancy is cast a spell apart from your regular action and a bonus action may be a reaction. As long as you don’t cast a bonus action spell during that very same turn if a situation would cause you to cast a spell as a reaction you’re not precluded from taking the Cast a Spell action to cast another spell.


here are some frequently asked questions about Crown of Stars in Dungeons & Dragons 5e along with their answers:

Q: What type of damage does Crown of Stars deal?

A: Crown of Stars deals radiant damage.

Q: How many motes of light does the Crown of Stars create?

A: Crown of Stars creates seven motes of light that orbit the caster’s head.

Q: Can the motes of light be used in the same turn they are created?

A: Yes, the motes of light can be used to make ranged spell attacks in the same turn they are created.

Q: How far can the motes of light be used to make ranged spell attacks?

A: The motes of light can be used to make ranged spell attacks against targets within 120 feet.

Q: Can the caster choose to use fewer than seven motes of light?

A: Yes, the caster can choose to use fewer than seven motes of light and save the rest for later turns. The motes last for the spell’s duration of one hour.

Q: Is Crown of Stars available to all classes in D&D 5e?

A: No, Crown of Stars is a 7th-level spell that is only available to sorcerers and wizards.

Q: Can Crown of Stars be used to target multiple creatures with a single mote of light?

A: No, each mote of light can only be used to make a ranged spell attack against a single target.

Q: Is Crown of Stars a concentration spell?

A: No, Crown of Stars is not a concentration spell, which means the caster can maintain concentration on another spell while using it.

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