Daggers in DnD 5e: The Very Versatile Finesse Weapon

In Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, daggers are a type of weapon that can be used as an off-hand weapon, and require the Light Blade Proficiency feat. Daggers typically dice about 1d4 damage on average. This post will cover how to use them in your games to optimize their usage among various classes in the game, from rogues to wizards.

Daggers in DnD 5e

Dungeons and Dragons have many different weapons for its players to choose from to diversify combat encounters with enemies over time. One of these is the dagger, which does d4-1slashing damage as an offhand weapon.

What are Daggers in DnD 5e?

Daggers are 1d4 light blades with the finesse trait that require you to be proficient with them in order to wield them. Daggers can be used vs grappled targets and allow you to use your Dex instead of Str for attack and damage rolls. You may only attack using daggers if you are using an offhand weapon slot. Daggers typically have the finesse trait, allowing a player to use their Dex modifier for damage and attacks instead of Str when using the dagger in combat. You may also use your Dex instead of Str for attack rolls if you have been grappled by another creature or incapacitated.

Why choose the Daggers in DnD 5e? 

Daggers in DnD 5e are a little like throwing knives, with their ability to be wielded as an off-hand weapon and their damage type (1d4-1). Their damage is typically lower than that of other weapons, but they can be a great tool to have on hand for when your character might encounter enemies that use smaller weapons. They also allow your character to use Dex modifiers when attacking with them. If you are a rogue or ranger, you will likely want the finesse trait on your dagger so that you can use the Dex modifier for attack rolls instead of Str.

Usage for the Daggers in DnD 5e

  1. Combats and Encounter Modes

Daggers are primarily used as an off-hand weapon by a rogue or ranger. You can use them when your character is not using a hand or one of their many various class/race features that allow you to use your stats for attack and damage rolls with weapons. If your character is only using an off-hand weapon, you can choose to use them when you are engaged in combat with another creature.

  1. 5e Feats

Daggers can be used as a feat requirement for many 5e feats. For example, you can use the Finesse feat to use your Dex modifier when making an attack roll with a dagger instead of Strength. Many other weapon-focused feats require daggers as well, including the Weapon Finesse feat.

  1. 5e Classes and Races

Certain classes and races have their own special feature that allows them to wield daggers as an offhand weapon. For example, the rogue is able to do this by taking the Light Blade Expertise feature at the 3rd level, while the ranger can wield it by taking the Dual Wielder feature at the 7th level.

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