Dancing Lights 5e (5th Edition) in D&D

Dancing Lights 5e: You create up to 4 torch-sized lights inside the range, making them show up like torches, lanterns, or glowing orbs that hover in the air for the Duration. You can additionally mix the 4 lights into one glowing vaguely Humanoid shape of Medium size. Whichever structure you choose, every mild shed dims mild in a 10-foot radius.

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As a Bonus Action on Your Turn, you can pass the lights up to 60 ft to a new spot inside the range. A mild should be inside 20 ft of every other mild created by using this spell, and a mild winks out if it exceeds the spell’s range.

  • Level: (Evocation Cantrip)
  • Casting time: 1 Action
  • Components: V, S, M*
  • Range(area): 120 ft
  • Attack(save): None
  • Damage(effect): Utility
  • School: Evocation
  • Duration: Concentration, up to 1 Minute


  • Can Dancing Lights be used to Dazzle an opponent?

Dancing Lights is a zero stage spell, with a beneficial impact comparable to light. While there is every other zero stage spell referred to as Flare which does motive the dazzle condition.

  • Does Darkness dispel Dancing Lights?

No, Darkness cannot dispel Dancing lights.

  • Does Dim Light created by using an impact override Bright Light in an area?

Spells override Bright Light with Dim Light if the spell description says that it does.

  • What mild spells would generate ample light/heat to begin a furnace with focusing assistance?

Lighting a hearth with a magnifying glass requires mild as brilliant as daylight to focus, tinder to ignite, and about 5 minutes for the furnace to ignite.

  • Deeper darkness and dancing lights interaction?

Dancing Lights will have no impact on the Deeper Darkness. Magical mild sources solely amplify the mild degree in a location if they are of a greater spell stage than darkness.


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