Demiplane 5e (5th Edition)

You create a shadowy door on a flat stable floor that you can see inside the range. The door is giant sufficient to enable Medium creatures to omit thru unhindered. When opened, the door leads to a demiplane that seems to be an empty room 30 ft in every dimension, made of wood or stone. When the spell ends, the door disappears, and any creatures or Objects interior of the demiplane stay trapped there, as the door additionally disappears from the different side.

  • Level: 8 (Conjuration)
  • Casting time: 1 Action
  • Components: S
  • Range(area): 60 ft
  • Attack(save): None
  • Damage(effect): Utility
  • School: Conjuration
  • Duration: 1 Hour

Each time you forged this spell, you can create a new demiplane, or have the shadowy door join to a demiplane you created with a preceding casting of this spell. Additionally, if you be aware of the Nature and contents of a demiplane created by way of a casting of this spell with the aid of some other creature, you can have the shadowy door join to its demiplane instead.


  • Is it feasible to amplify a demiplane?

Demiplane is a very limiting spell, and solely lets in you to create a 30’x30’x30′ house or join to some other regarded area created through every other casting of demiplane. You cannot even join to demiplanes created in different ways.

  • How do you efficiently create the largest demiplane?

The Create Demiplane line of spells isn’t always expensive, as it has no fabric component. The costly phase is related to Permanency. Permanency, as a fifth stage spell, can be delivered as an at-will exceptional cause potential to any clever magic object for 90,000 GP, at which factor it is free to use.

  • How lengthy would it take to suffocate in a demiplane created through the spell of the equal name?

There’s no way to purpose one way or the different about this outdoor a DM’s specific campaign, on account that this is explicitly the DM’s area to determine and the sport presents no defaults.


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