Devils in DnD 5e: Terrible Fiends & Where to Find Them

This is a blog post that is meant to be informative and factual. I don’t know how long this will end up being so it may be too tall or far too short. This blog post is about what’s new in the world of Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition (the latest edition) and particularly who’s been working on it.

Devils in DnD 5e

This is just a little bit about me, the author of this post. I’m just trying to teach about D&D, but for those of you looking for more information on my expertise, here it goes: I’ve played D&D since around 2000 when I was 10 years old with my friends and continued playing all through college.

What is the devil in D&D?

In the Dungeons and Dragons or D&D world, a devil is a supernatural evil being. They are all servants of the devil. Some devils, like Bezekira , are huge and powerful. Devils are often shown as humanoid figures with cloven feet, red skin, and horns. They have pointed ears and forked tails. Most devils have cloven feet and sharp claws on their hands that they use to torture others. The type of tail that a devil has depends on its rank in hell (the place where evil beings go after death).

Devil 5e: Approaches

The devil has been a very popular D&D creature for years. In the 5th edition, we wanted to give them a little more depth. The devil, specifically the baatezu, was supposed to be a great example of this. This is why they have been given the word “approaches.” When you look up the devil you see it has four approaches: aggressor, mastermind, operative, and strategist.

Aggressor devils use raw power to take what they want. They are best at hand-to-hand fighting and other forms of physical confrontation. A few examples of aggressor devils are roper or lemure.

Devil 5e: Masterminds

A mastermind uses intelligence and guile to get what it wants. That’s not to say they won’t fight; they will if necessary but prefer other methods of getting what they want. They are sneakier and more deceptive than their counterparts. Some masterminds are very powerful, such as our Bezekira.

Devil 5e: Operatives

An operative uses charm and persuasion to get what it wants. They are good at weaving lies. They often take the form of beautiful humanoids who then seduce people into doing what they want. Most of the time the operatives don’t need to do anything violent, just a little bit of flattery will do the trick for them. Most of the time operatives take human forms but not always; that’s why most people are suspicious of new people who come into town or anywhere really for that matter.

Devil 5e: Strategists

A strategist is much like an operative but uses force to get what it wants. A strategist is the type of devil that you are most used to seeing. Since they are often soldiers, they tend to be more brutish and stronger than the other approaches.

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