Dimir Operative 5e (5th Edition) Background in D&D Backgrounds

The Dimir are a secret guild–on the surface, they’re messengers and journalists that facilitate alternate and conversations throughout Ravnica. But simply under that, they’re a sinister guild of spies and assassins, whose existence is solely whispered in the Guildhalls around Ravnica. They are in all places and nowhere, they exchange secrets and techniques and lies, even amongst themselves. They are the Dimir.

Dimir Operative 5e

House Dimir is a Guild with a ton of wealthy roleplaying opportunities. This is a location for antiheroes, sure, however, it’s additionally a vicinity for gamers who favor playing with intrigue and secrecy. With all the special layers involved, even a man or woman Dimir agent may now not understand the extent of the webs of intrigue that permeate the Guild. Which capability there’s a lot of juicy storytelling to be done. You should be a team of arguably heroic men and women who find out what Dimir in reality does, or higher still, you may want to simply be an ordinary courier who slowly finds themselves drawn deeper and deeper into an internet of intrigue.

There’s room for fish out of the water, gamers of games, spinners of webs–all of this can be healthy seamlessly in House Dimir, which makes it so very textured for each hero and villain. If you’re searching for Antagonists, Dimir is a herbal choice. They don’t battle you directly, but rather ship dealers and wield secrets and techniques and make it so that you’d alternatively work with them rather than battle in opposition to them.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Stealth
  • Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit
  • Languages: One of your choice

And they’re right at it too, being situated by means of a Vampire named Szadek who at the start set out to create an organization of couriers, facts brokers, and librarians–but then used the effect and records gathered to build a city-spanning secret agent community that vastly outstripped the feature of the messengers. Eventually, Dimir disappears from the public file till Szadek is killed in the course of the Decamillennial celebration.

Now its new Guildmaster, Lazav, and his shadow council run the Guild indirectly–using telepathy and different ability to carry orders to contributors of House Dimir besides an obvious supply or reason–just the expectation of obedience. House Dimir presently is all about knowledge, carrying on tons as it did earlier than Szadek’s premature demise. They plot and scheme towards the different Guilds of Ravnica, making sure that they come out ahead.

False Identity

d8Reason for Infiltration
1My parents belong to this guild, and I let them think I'm following in their footsteps.
2I've been assigned to track this guild's activities.
3I've been assigned to get close to an individual in this guild and learn their secrets.
4I've been assigned to recruit a new Dimir spy from the ranks of this guild.
5I was a member of this guild before the Dimir recruited me.
6I don't like what this guild stands for and want to destroy it from within.
7I secretly wish I could leave the Dimir and join this guild, but there is no escaping the Dimir.
8I chose this guild at random or on a lark.

Dimir Guild Spells

Spell LevelSpell
CantripEncode Thoughts, Mage Hand
1stDisguise Self, Sleep
2ndDetect Thoughts, Pass Without Trace
3rdGaseous Form, Meld Into Stone, Nondetection
4thArcane Eye, Freedom of Movement
5thModify Memory

Personality Traits

d8Personality Trait
1I'm good at hiding my true thoughts and feelings.
2When I'm in doubt about revealing something, I assume it's a secret, and I don't share it.
3I like to sound mysterious, because wisdom hidden grows deeper with time.
4I have no patience with people who get in my way.
5I love hearing about other people's nightmares.
6Combat is meant to be quick, clean, and one-sided.
7I like to stick to the shadows.
8I never show my anger. I just plot my revenge.


1Guild. My guild is all that really matters. (Any)
2Control. I like pulling the strings. (Lawful)
3Secrets. I collect secrets and never reveal them. (Any)
4Knowledge. I want to know as much as I can about this city and how it works. (Any)
5Independence. I value the freedom to pursue my own goals without interference. (Chaotic)
6Nihilism. I don't believe in anything, and anyone who does is a fool. (Neutral)


1I discovered a secret I can't let anyone else uncover - including my guild superiors.
2I formed a close friendship or romance with someone in the guild I'm infiltrating.
3The Dimir agent who recruited me was unmasked and killed. My revenge on the killers will be thorough and painful.
4I spend as much time as I can in the Ismeri Library because I'm certain an information hub operates behind its facade. I want its secrets!
5I'm utterly loyal to my superior in the guild, more than to the guild or its guildmaster.
6Someone has discovered my true identity.


1I like secrets so much that I'm reluctant to share details of a plan even with those who need to know.
2I would let my friends die rather than reveal my true identity.
3I have trouble trusting anyone but myself.
4I have a particular vice that puts all my secrets at risk if I'm not careful.
5I'm pretty sure I've done something horrible that I can't remember because of the guild's mind magic.
6I put too much trust in the people who give me orders.


Dimir Contacts

1I know a Dimir courier who relays messages to me from someone higher up on the chain of command.
2I get orders from a shapeshifter I recognize only through a series of code phrases we exchange.
3An ostentatiously wealthy vampire is my secret guild superior, summoning me to a luxurious estate by means of coded messages.
4I have never met my guild contact, but I receive telepathic messages, usually in my dreams.
5I've never met my guild contact, but I get coded messages from a pattern of street lights and graffiti.
6I didn't discover the identity of my guild contact until after we had begun a romantic relationship.
7My superior maintains an elaborate identity as a young street urchin … unless it's all a lie, and I'm being sent on ridiculous missions by a twisted child.
8My sibling and I both get telepathic orders from a mysterious contact, and I'm starting to question the authenticity of my sibling's orders.

As a member of House Dimir, your persona will have been diagnosed by using higher-up dealers as a workable gain and you’ll come to be mild as a Dimir Operative. As an operative, you’ll have skill ability with Deception and Stealth as nicely as a False Identity that approves you to show up to be a member of an exceptional Guild.

You’ll additionally have a contact inside Dimir itself, which is one of the greater enjoyable tables to roll on. As you rank up in the Guild, you’ll slowly obtain greater responsibilities, and extra knowledge–but there’s extra risk inherent at greater levels. Discover ample secrets and techniques and you’ll be inducted into the Inner Circle, even though there is a good-sized soar in phrases of Renown needed. If you make it this far, though, you’ll be given the capability to command different Dimir agents.

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