Displacer Beast 5e: How To Play With & Against This Unique Creature

Displacer beast 5e is a rare creature and this particular is best known for its illusory ability that appears to be several feet away from the actual position and it will extremely make a difficult to pinpoint in combat.


Displacer Beast 5e

Naturally it is dark in color and it has two distinctive tentacles with sprout forms its shoulder.


Displacer beast resembles a sleek muscular puma with blue-black fur and a long thin tail. The Displacer beast is around 9 feet long and is 500-pound weight. Males are the species that are slightly larger than females and the male character which ranges from 10 to 12 feet long is in 500-pound weight but the female characteristically is 8 to 9 feet long with 450 Pound weight.


 The Displacer beast is malevolent, vicious, and fierce. This creature will often kill even when they do not need food to eat and it will often create their victims until they are ready to eat they will always drag the body of their prey to one of the particular areas to feed without any interruption.


 The iconic trait of the displacer beast will be always continuous to the displacement effect which causes them to always appear a few feet away from their own actual location. They are supernatural with the illusory effect which forms a light blending glamour and it always makes them difficult to hit. It is believed to function by means of subtle vibrations that are emitted with the Displacer beast 5e in the outer layer of the skin which refract the light. It completely exposures the automatic effect even if it is possible with the Displacer beast even if they are not able to direct the illusion manually. The ability foils even their own creatures with some magical ability to see some of the Invisible creatures and makes it much easier to hide the creature. The displacer beast is the fastest creature and it has an excellent night vision and its foot parts which provide excellent traction on the ice. These are notably resistant to the noxious effect of mercury and which is very much poisonous to humans.

Displacer beasts do not carry the treasure value to the adventurous however they are greatly valued for the magical properties of their bodies particularly when they hide. It has multiple magical properties and it is highly sort after by wizards and alchemists. It is built to a clock of displacement which may require hiding the multiple displacer beasts this process is crafted from the height of a single displacer and it is immediately provoked to attack by other Displacer beasts.

A small amount of displacer beast 5e fur is used as a material component for the spell that involves darkness and a piece of leather made from displacer beast that is hiding to use as a material component for them. The claw of the displacer beast is used as a material component for the spell displacer and grants for the caster shape of the displacer beast.

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