Draconic Translator & Draconic Language 5e (5th Edition)

Are you curious about the draconic language and its translator? Don’t worry. We’ve created a lovely essay with a lot of valuable information about this draconic translator 5e & Language. But you’re still looking for the ideal blog post that will provide you with accurate information on this dnd language. Let’s read it and remove your uncertainties. Draconic has been around for a long time. It is one of the earliest languages, influencing or inventing kobold and other races’ languages. There is a legend concerning the existence of monsters, and it is believed that dragons speak the earliest human language, from which all other mortal languages derived.


What is a Draconic Language?

Draconic was the dragon language. The dragons named their language Glav, and it had its alphabet, Iokharic. Throughout Toril, the language was also the principal means of arcane notation.

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Draconic Translator 5e

There are draconic names as well as draconic translations that aid in learning the language. Every phrase gives a meaning so that it will be of tremendous use if one is practicing the learning. These are the alphabets that might aid in better comprehension of the draconic language. Recall all of these alphabets to learn and comprehend this language. The draconic translator is the most ancient kind. It is one of the fascinating languages in the history of languages. It is said to be the finest of all possible worlds, and many tales surround it.

Aeros/VaerosBreath, Fire, Fiery, Life
Agha/AghamAny color or metal
Agyrt/GyrtuAncient, Elder, First, Old
Akkan/IkkanAssassin, Bane, Murderous, Savage
Alae/AlaerthAgile, Bright, Quick, Lightning
Aly/AlymmCharm, Enchanter, Wand
Andra/AndreEpic, Great, Royal, Vast
AnduskBlinding, Light, South, Sun
AngkarAlly, Dwarf, Elf, Enemy
AntharDire, Dismal, Swamp, Trap
AradaceHigh, Mighty, Powerful, Ruler
Arauth/TharurDefense, Maze, Trap, Trickster

Healing, Innocent, Kind, Peaceful
Arveia/VeiarBetrayal, False, Lying, Traitor
Aryz/AryxonAiry, Dancing, Graceful, Sweet
Atar/AtruxFang, Feed, Gnaw, Tooth
Auntyr/UntryrLearned, Knowledge, Scholar, Wise
Aurak/UrakaHunter, Stalk, Tail, Tracking
Auth/AuthaBlack, Blind, Darkness, Void
Bahor/BahrAccursed, Blight, Curse, Toxin
BaneMight, Powerful, Ring, Rune
Bala/BallaxBlighted, Corrupt, Plague, Scourge
CalaunAssault, Judge, Smite, Vengeance
Ciym/IymAdamant, Shrine, Statue, Stern
Claug/ClughForest, Garden, Green, Growing
Daerev/DereghEgg, Hatchling, New, Young
Dalagh/DalahAny weapon
Darrh/DarrathDread, Fearful, Panic, Terror
Durg/DaurgoDracolich, Foul, Rotting, Undead
DeszeldAmbitous, Dragon, Fierce, Lord/Lady
Eir/MajeirFortress, Grand, Huge, Mountain
Elden/IrdenHermit, Quest, Sage, Search
Ethar/ThargarAny breath weapon
EndeemClaw, Sharp, Swift, Talon
EndorBrother/Sister, Companion, Twin
Eroese/ReozHistoric, Legend(ary), Mythic
Fel/IrfelEvil, Malice, Misfortune, Pain
Gahl/GaladDying, End, Night, Sunset
Glory, Honorable, Loyal, Oath
Golos/GosAir, Flying, Wind, Wing/Winged
Guth/ GuthiCharmeleon, Disguised, Shifting, Unkown
Harn/HoonRage, Raid, Raider, Storm
IngeirDevoted, Heart, Love, Soul
Ix/IxuCourageous, Iron, Resolute, Will
Iyliam/RiylmBone, Corpse, Entombed, Lost
JalanAbundant, Bounty, Many, Treasure
Jhar/UjharCharm, Mystic, Spell, Wizard
Kerin/KerrarHumanoid, Lesser, Servant, Weak
KlauthRumble, Snarl, Thunder, Warning
Lham/UlhamCoast, Endless, Sea, Vast, West
LothtorBreeder, Creator, Father/Mother, Progenitor
Mal/MalaeLair, Mysterious, Unknown, Vault
Marun/MaruxLightning, Mighty, Powerful, Wyrm
MaughBurning, Desire, Flame, Obsession
MereBeast, Fiend, Savage, Primal
Miir/MiirymAlert, Cautious, Guardian, Sentinel
Morn/MornaugDivine, God, Omniscient, Priest
MurhCrypt, Sleep, Slumbering, Still
Fate, Fortune, Lucky
Nym/NythEyes, Scrying, Sight, Watching
Nur/UnurConcealed, Deceiver, Masked, Trick
Oloth/LothoBardic, Minstrel, Singing, Song
Ontor/OntrixArcane, Enchanted, Mage, Magic
OskGreed, Horde, Lust, Thought
OthimDark, Dusky, Shadow, Shadowy
Palar/PalaxDefending, Guardian, Protection, Shield
Quirin/QuituCelestial, Eternal, Glittering, Star
Raali/RaulSilent, Stealthy, Thief, Tieving
RagothHeaven, High, Sky, Tall
RazylymArmored, Hard, Steel, Strong
Rith/RithuxDestruction, Doom, Ruin, Water
Saryn/SaryxAny gem or stone
Ser/ SeyrMoon, Orb, Pearl, Silvery
Sygax/ZygaxBattle, Ruler, Victor, War
Skad/SkarrAvid, Blood, Prey, Ravenous
Surp/ SurrCrazed, Nature, Wasteland, Wild
Thal/ThaluBorn in/of, History, Memory
Thanach/TanargChaos, Hatching, Freedom
Toth/ThothCreeping, Larva, Worm, Writhe
Thrax/UthraxGiant, Growing, Impressive, Massive
Thriin/ThriinaArcher, Arrow, Harmful, Wound
Treori/TreorisDream, Ilusion, Phantasmal, Sleep
Tostyn/ToszAnything of value
Traint/TratainJust, Pact, Right, Truth
Turac/TuraceCold, Frozen, Ice, North
Ua/UalinDesolate, Destruction, Devourer, East
Umer/UmerusBidge, Future, Oracle, Path
UryteForgotten, Keeper, Lost, Lore
Uxin/XinHated, Hateful, Poison, Venomous
Vaer/WaerCloak, Hidden, Riddle, Secret
Vala/ValamNoble, Queen/King, Worthy
ValosCraft, Enchantment, Master/Mistress, Skill
Clay, Earth, Terrestrial, World
Voar/VoarexDead, Deadly, Death, Slayer
VureemBuried, Cave, Submerged, Underground
Waur/WyrClever, Serpent, Sly
ZundaeHarlequin, Laughing, Mirthful, Roar
ZyrephEngulfing, Flood, Overwhelm, Swallow

One can practice the alphabet to improve their pronunciation and comprehension of the words. With a bit of effort, anyone can learn how to say those words correctly. It connects to a translation app. All you have to do is install them and practice them every day. A man becomes flawless by practice. There are so many terms that you will have to memorize to conduct a proper conversation. Still, if you become perplexed by the terms, Google will be of great assistance. So here are some of the terms that translate.

What is the draconic language like to Dialects?

There are slight differences in the dialect of the Draconic that were spoken. There are varieties of chromatic dragons to be akin to some of the regional dialects. The metallic dragons, on the other hand, all had identical accents. To study draconic language, the Abeir dragons developed their dialect, which they call Aklave. In the sense that someone who knew one could also comprehend the other. However, when it came to how to speak draconic, the pronunciation of several terms differed. Some of the draconic language sounds are softer than regular Draconic, more nasal, and words with extended syllables. The Dragonborn and Kobolds, on the other hand, had their distinct draconic languages.

  • English Alphabet: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  • Dragon Language Alphabet: E b c d e f g h se j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z


Q1: Do Kobolds have a draconic language?

  • Language. Kobolds spoke Yipyak, a dialect of Draconic, with a yipping accent. Some people may also communicate in Undercommon.

Q2: Are Kobolds fans of Dragonborn?

  • When the kobolds encounter Dragonborn, they envision themselves reduced to 1st-level adventures once more. They become envious of the Dragonborn and despise.

Q3: Why are Kobolds so hostile to gnomes?

  • Kobolds despise gnomes because of what their deity, Kurtulmak, did to the kobold deity. On the other hand, Kobolds are exceedingly careful and will not do anything that puts themselves or their tribes in direct danger.


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