Drider 5e

Driders are drow who have failed Lolth’s trials and were both blessed and stuck with a replacement, spider-like form. They possess the upper bodies of drow and therefore the lower bodies of giant spiders. Their drow halves retain all of their typical physical features, including navy skin resembling polished obsidian, stark white or straw hair, and really pale eyes that retain similar color shades as regular drow eyes would. The spider half a drider is usually black and chitinous, propelling the creature along the bottom atop eight wicked, spindly spider legs. Way to the space haunted by their spider halves, most driders tend to be up to eight ft tall, and almost as wide.

Driders are drow servants of Lolth who undergo a painful process after failing one Lolth’s test. Failure within the procedure usually leads to death. Most are evil, but rarely, a drider may break this role. A drider appears very similar to a centaur, except exclusively for drow and with a spider’s body instead of a horse’s. Due to this, driders have a toxic bite and may shoot webbing at their foes, also as ignoring any movement restrictions.


Drider 5eDrider 5e

Armor Class 19 (Natural Armor)
Hit Points 123 (13d10+52)
Speed 30 ft., climb 30 ft.
STR        DEX          CON               INT            WIS           CHA
16 (+3)  16 (+3)      18 (+4)          13 (+1        14 (+2)       12 (+1)

Skills Perception +5, Stealth +9
Senses Darkvision 120 Ft., passive Perception 15
Languages Elvish, Undercommon
Challenge 6 (2,300 XP)

While one might think this type might elevate a drow’s status, this is often actually an excellent shame, because the drow see drivers as beings so absolutely weak and pathetic that Loth herself had to step right down to make them better, and are usually shamed and exiled from drow society, if not killed. Drivers are often found scattered across the hostile wilderness of the Underdark, surviving off what meager prey which will manage to kill.

Driders can grow to despise their drow brethren for creating them outcasts and check out forgetting their pasts, although trusting them remains unwise since they’re as likely to assist you as they’re to show you into the drow in hopes of redeeming themselves, though usually, this hope will only lead them to disappoint. Driders are rarely found outside of the Underdark, but desperation can cause some drivers living on the surface, though usually as hermits, pirates, or other nefarious professions.


  • Fey Ancestry: The drider has an advantage on Saving Throws against being Charmed, and magic can’t put the drider to sleep.
  • Innate Spellcasting: The drider’s innate Spellcasting Ability is Wisdom (spell save DC 13). The drider can innately cast the subsequent Spells, requiring no material components:
  • At will: Dancing Lights
  • 1/day each: Darkness, Faerie Fire
  • Spider Climb: The drider can climb difficult surfaces, including the wrong way up on ceilings, without having to form a capability check.
  • Sunlight Sensitivity: While in sunlight, the drider has a disadvantage on attack rolls, also as on Wisdom (Perception) checks that believe the sight.
  • Web Walker: The drider ignores Movement restrictions caused by webbing.

Like the drow most drivers have evil and hatred pounded into their being, although their transformation can bestow them with humility, and in some cases, even a special perspective. Drivers are an advanced and dangerous lot to make certain, but regardless of what happened to them and what they’ve experienced, they’re still drow, and one who would mess with the drow surely features a death instinct.

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