Dungeon Delver 5e (5th Edition) Feat in Dnd Feats

The dungeon delver feat is a situationally exact feat that is right for very old-faculty dungeon diving campaigns loaded with traps, however probably now not really worth the spend for most large 5E campaigns that have a tendency to spend way greater time out of dungeons than in them.

Dungeon Delver 5e

There are two strains of concept on this. One is that the dungeon delver is first-class, added to an excessive dex personality to make it almost not possible to hammer with a trap, or classes with excessive wisdom to search for risks or hidden treasures.

Generally speaking, when looking at this feat as something that meshes nicely with a category alternatively of working as an emergency protection internet to keep you from yourself, you’re searching at a handful of Dexterity or Wisdom primarily based classes.

If you’re in one of these uncommon campaigns that aren’t a pure hack and lessen dungeon crawl but sees a LOT of time in dungeons with traps, secret rooms, and different similar hidden gemstones for the celebration to find out and deal with, then there may be eventualities the place this feat works as a security internet to make positive that high-stat rolled persona doesn’t die by using spike pit or stroll by using each hidden door that has a magic object he/she would possibly clearly be in a position to use.

In most campaigns, this is too situational to use as a protection net. However, in these campaigns there is nonetheless a lot of dungeon exploring; this should be a way to shop these low dexterity characters from regular damage or positive doom and provide a warfare threat for even a barbarian to capture the occasional secret room in between rage sessions.

This is a manageable way to use the feat due to the fact that in an old-school dungeon it offers all types of benefits, however, you will prefer to speak with a DM to see if the fee of dungeons/traps is everyday or going to uptick/downtick earlier than making a remaining choice on whether or no longer to take this feat.

They have a lot of built-in qualities that simply make this feat much less beneficial to them than it in any other case would be. Monks are additionally simply squishy; they will supply up the front scouting role to both the tanks or the stealthier rogues/rangers, which additionally maintains them out of the firing line to some extent.


Q1.Is the dungeon delver well worth it?

Ans: Only in a hack and dungeon crawl. For an everyday full-story 5E DnD marketing campaign dungeon delver is an underpowered feat that is some distance too situational to honestly be positive in contrast to a capability rating improvement or different feats.

Q2.Is the 5E dungeon delver feat underpowered?

Ans: While positive for pure hack and lessen dungeon crawls like Tomb of Annihilation or Tales from the Yawning Portal, the dungeon delver feat is some distance too not often used or energetic in order to be regarded as a sturdy feat. In some campaigns it would really by no means come up for use, neutering the advantages that would in any other case be decently strong.

Q3.How would you repair the dungeon delver feat in 5E?

Ans: There are many opinions from skilled players and DMs on how to fix the dungeon delver feat. Two frequent guidelines are to add a +1 INT or WIS stat boost, and/or a trait that makes it possible to spot treasured loot in the place others see nothing. Having each of these should add flavor, versatility, and mechanics to make this a great deal greater viewed feat.

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