Eladrin Race Guide 5e: The Seasons of the Feywild Elves

Eladrin is the ruler of the Feywild, and they work to maintain balance in all things. They are deeply connected to magic, nature, and their home plane. Eladrin have many strange abilities that set them apart from other races. They are capable of incredible feats of endurance, healing, and changing their appearance to suit their needs.

Eladrin 5e

Eladrin is an expert-level character in 5e. They have many useful abilities that will make them an asset to any party. If you like playing spell casters and martial characters alike, this guide will be for you!

Eladrin strengths

Eladrin is one of the most versatile races in 5e. They can be built as a pure spell caster or a martial character with equal ease!

Eladrin Flight

Eladrin flies at a speed of 30 feet. This gives them great mobility, which allows them to get in and out of fights safely. Eladrin has high Dexterity, Intelligence, and Charisma. These stats benefit all classes, but many Eladrin favors the Control Wizard class for its mobility spells and ability to debuff enemies.  Many Eladrin can harness the power of illusions! Illusions are very powerful in 5e, as creatures are very vulnerable to being fooled by them. Many Eladrin have unique illusion spells that no other character can cast!

Eladrin levels

Because Eladrin has many different options for their ability scores, you can make your character as versatile as you want! But, Eladrin is also very limited in their ability scores. They only have 12 ability score points to spread out across the ability score list. Because of this, many Eladrin opts for high scores as well as high-ability modifiers. For this reason, they often choose Charisma and Intelligence above other statistics. Eladrin can easily perform feats that most other races cannot perform with the same level of proficiency.

Is this the first edition of Eladrin 5e?

No. This is a fifth edition conversion of the 3.5e Eladrin. The official 5e Eladrin are listed in the Player’s Handbook, but this guide is aimed at converting all of the 3.5e Eladrin to the 5e system and keeping them as Eladrin 5e! The original source that this conversion was based on was “A Guide to the Fey”, which has since been removed from DriveThruRPG and is no longer available to read. There were also many updates to this guide after it was first published, including more options for spells, new spell list/list changes, updates for XP costs and level differential caps, and so on.

Final Verdict

The Eladrin is a very versatile race. Their flight, spell casting abilities, and unique illusion spells make them valuable party members of any group. The coolest thing is that they can be built with either the control wizard or warlock class, so they can cast spells while flying around the battlefield! However, their ability score maximums keep them from being the most powerful race out there. They are very balanced and helpful to your group, but other races offer more flexibility in their builds.

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