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Dungeons and Dragons Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount is your dive into a continent that has withstood extra than its honest share of conflict. The Dwendalian Empire and the Kryn Dynasty are carving up the lands around them, and solely the biggest heroes would dare stand between them. Somewhere in the long way corners of this war-torn panorama are secrets and techniques that ought to cease this warfare and usher in a new age of peace—or burn the world to a cinder. Get geared up to create a band of heroes and embark on this by putting for marketing campaign two of the hit collection Critical Role!

Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount 

Explorer's Guide to Wildemount pdf

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Adventure Module and Gazetteer includes:

  • Wildemount Gazetteer: Descriptions of factions and places of Wildemount, the pantheon of Exandria (including some interesting revelations!), regulations for skyships, and policies for Hollow One NPCs and characters
  • 4 Short Adventures: Tide of Retribution, Dangerous Designs, Frozen Sick, and Unwelcome Spirits
  • All ebook property and records are entirely built-in for the VTT, along with all 174 monsters (in addition to all compendium enlargement monsters), eleven gadgets (in addition to all compendium enlargement items), 23 full-color maps with GM layer data, and dynamic lights aid (requires plus / seasoned subscription), rollable tokens, rollable tables, and macros

Granted, in accordance with the foreword of Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount – the new D&D 5E sourcebook based totally on the world of Critical Role – Mercer has been going for walks Dungeons & Dragons campaigns in view that his freshman yr at excessive school. In different words, he’s no journeyman when it comes to developing immersive role-playing worlds. Even so, Guide to Wildemount, for which Mercer served as lead writer, reads like the masterwork of anyone who sincerely is aware of how to think about whole plausible societies, provinces, pantheons, magic structures, and more, at the drop of a hat.

A similar fashion-sensitive component in Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount is the Heroic Chronicle, a device completely special to the sourcebook. Far optimum to the shallow backgrounds reachable when growing a Dungeons & Dragons 5E personality the usage of the Player’s Handbook, the choices protected in the Heroic Chronicle are supposed to generate characters that match snugly into the world of Wildemount and so, theoretically, have to sense a lot greater enjoyable to play when the use of the book. It’s a terrific idea, one that D&D writer Wizards of the Coast ought to proceed to enforce in future D&D sourcebooks.

Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount consists of arguably two most important factors of narrative interest: the hostilities between the Dwendalian Empire and the Kryn Dynasty, and the revival of the betrayer gods to the mortal plane. The Mighty Nein – the motley crew presently making their way via Wildemount in season two of Critical Role – have encountered each of these plotlines at a variety of factors in their adventures.

These subraces are blanketed alongside summaries of each and every race no longer observed in the Dungeons & Dragons 5E Player’s Handbook – such as genasi, aarakocra, and aasimar – making Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount a splendid D&D sourcebook in regards to the quantity of realistic content it provides.

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