Faerie Fire 5e (5th Edition) in D&D

Faerie fire 5e: Each and each object during a 20-foot cube within a variety is made public with different colors like blue, green, or it’d be a violet light. If the creature fails dexterity saving throw that creature within the area whenever the Faerie Fire 5e spell was cast also outlined within the light. Within a ten-foot radius, the objects and affected creatures shed dim light. Any quite an attack roll that was against an affected creature or any object has the advantage when the attacker can see it then the affected creature or object can’t enjoy invisible which is being invisible.

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Faerie Fire 5E

Faerie Fire 5e (5th Edition) in D&D spells

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Components: V
  • Duration: Concentration Up to 1 minute
  • Classes: Bard, Druid

Faerie Fire 5e may be a bestiary and supplemental expansion intended for the fifth edition of the world’s hottest tabletop RPG. We wanted to explore the planet of the fairy wilds in additional depth–so we’ve made a court filled with 10 wild, dangerous, and chaotic fey and 20 new and unique monsters to feature to your campaign bestiary–and a further 20 magical items to fill your players with wonder (and avarice).

ClassesArtificer, Bard, Druid
Subclassesrchfey Warlock, Light Cleric, Lolth (Twitter) Warlock, Swarmkeeper (UA) Ranger, Swarmkeeper (UA) Ranger (Revised), Twilight (UA) Cleric
Classes (legacy)Artificer (Revisited)
SourceElf (Drow), Half-Elf (Drow Descent), Half-Orc (Mark of Finding), Human (Mark of Finding)
RacesElf (Drow), Half-Elf (Drow Descent), Half-Orc (Mark of Finding), Human (Mark of Finding)
Spell ListsBard, Druid

faerie fire

The base edition of Faerie Fire is going to be full-color, hardcover, and have approximately 104 pages of content; it’ll match equivalent dimensions as your other 5e books, in order that all of them line up nicely on your bookshelf.

In the Fey Court, you’ll meet a cast of ten strange and sophisticated beings: from the childlike Monarch to the mischievous Pox & Pilfer–and the mysterious, isolated Sepal, warden of the fairy prisons.

Members of the court are even as likely to show on each other as they’re to uphold any quite order, and a player who finds themselves within the court’s capricious graces could make tons of trouble–or finish up dead.

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In the Wilds, you’ll encounter a good stranger collection of beings–some sentient, some not–who all operate by the fairy realm’s arbitrary and downright chaotic rules. While not every creature within the book is instantly deadly (some would simply wish to ask you a couple of questions), not one among them should be underestimated. An adventurer navigating the wilds may find themselves ensnared by the deadly Chondrofeyr–only to be rescued by their new, strange fairly familiar.

All 30 entries will come complete with beautiful, bold illustrations provided by a fantastic line-up of talented artists–not to say balanced stats, inventive mechanics, and vibrant lore for ideas on the way to insert them into your own campaign.

We’ll even be including a library of magical items within the book, perfect for any explorer with sticky fingers and time to map out a curse or two. Five new weapons, five new armors, and ten new magical items–including a potions table crammed with various tricks, grenades, and concoctions. In our own tabletop campaigns, we wish to encourage players to think outside the box and use their magic items for roleplay as much as combat, so we’ve created items that we hope will offer you many opportunities to be inventive.

Faerie Fire will exist in both a gorgeous, hardcover book for your shelf and an accessible, DRM-free PDF for your electronic devices. All physical tiers receive the PDF by default, so you’ll use whichever format is most convenient to you in your game.

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