Firbolg 5e (5th Edition) Race in D&D Races

Firbolgs have technically been kicking around in D&D because 2nd edition, however, they’ve long passed thru some drastic transformations. They commenced out as a race of really huge Vikings or Celts, transitioned into savage wild searching Nordic giants, and now in the fifth version they’ve to turn out to be large mild woodland guardians. With the reputation of 5e, it does appear like firbolgs have cemented themselves as quiet nature sentinels and have grew to become in their raiding axes. So, if you choose to communicate for the trees, settle into a mossy glade as we go via the whole lot you want to know.



Firbolg 5e

5e throws out the lore for firbolgs from previously variations entirely, so we’re left with a specific small chunk of facts for the modern-day lore. The modern lore affords them a peculiar combination of fey and massive influences. Firbolgs are protectors of the forest, tribal isolationists who care solely about the wellness of nature and have a tremendously robust druidic bent.

Firbolg 5e Statistics

  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Tag’s: Firbolg

Firbolg 5e General Info

  • Vision: Low-light vision, Normal Vision
  • Average Lifespan: Up to 500 years
  • Homeland’s: Feywild, Remote regions of Faerûn, Ice Spires
  • Language’s: Common, Giant, Elven
  • Favored Terrain: Hills, forests

Firbolg 5e Appearance

  • Average Height: 10’6″ – 11’4″ (3.2–3.5 m)
  • Average Weight: 610–710 lbs. (280–320 kg)
  • Hairstyle: Thick beards

Quite frankly, if you describe druids, you describe firbolg culture. We are aware of they stay in small tribes out in woodlands, and that they cautiously guard their houses against loggers and trappers by means of the use of their magic to scare off intruders or lead them away. We recognize that they can turn out to be outcasts if they betray their clan

Firbolgs are mainly shut to something of a rarity amongst 5e races, they’re a clean slate. Other than being nature-loving and big, we sincerely don’t have plenty to go on for firbolg culture.

From this single artwork, we see a gray massive with a reddish nose, brown hair, a beard, and long-ish pointed ears. That’s all we’ve got. If firbolg tradition used to be the type of a clean slate, their look is a whole empty wall.

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However! We are residing in an abnormal firbolg renaissance the place the D&D neighborhood is filling in these gaps that have been formally left unfilled. The net sequence Critical Role has been a strangely large pressure in popularizing these mild fey giants. It commenced with a very properly obtained firbolg NPC inside the Critical Role world named Pumat Sol and used to be observed by means of a visitor star’s firbolg personality and now an essential solid member is taking part in as a firbolg cleric.

Firbolg are regarded the most shrewd of massive folk. They are generally calm, nature-loving creatures that decide to spend their time in their woodland sanctuary. Firbolg has a strong, innate Genius for Druidic magic. This magic aids them as they have a tendency to their forests and shield them from those who would do them harm.

It’s their imaginative and prescient that stands extraordinary at night time and can additionally assist them to see in the dark. There are some sages who claimed that the Firbolgs had regenerative skills and different sages reportedly say that the Firbolgs should make themselves flip invisible. They are additionally stated to be communicative with restricted outcomes for each flora and animal of their wooded area homes.

The firebolgs 5e viewed greed to be one of the worst vices. They believed that one needs to solely ever take what one desires and no more. They noticed no cost in fabric wealth such as gens and gold however occasionally would locate prankish approaches to taking valuables from strangers out of an experience of fun.

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