Fly 5e (5th Edition)

You contact an inclined creature. The goal positive factors a flying velocity of 60 ft for the duration. When the spell ends, the goal falls if it is nevertheless aloft, until it can give up the fall.

Fly 5e 

Casting Time

1 action


Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard




Up to 10 minutes

Higher Spell Slot Desc

When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 4th level or higher, you can target one additional creature for each slot level above 3rd.


A wing feather from any bird


A willing creature

At Higher Levels:  When you forged this spell with the usage of a spell slot of 4th degree or higher, you can goal one extra creature for every slot degree above 3rd.


  • How excessive off the floor can you fly with the Fly spell?

You contact an inclined creature. The goal features a flying pace of 60 ft for the Duration. There is no restriction on the peak you fly at. It may want to be 1 foot off the floor or 300 feet. The solely actual restrict is the period of the spell, by using which you higher be returned on the floor or have some different spell organized to seize you as you fall.

  • What takes place when a flying creature is knocked prone?

So a flying creature that is knocked susceptible will fall, except it has the capacity to hover, in which case it will stay the place it is. In the particular case of the elemental, it is immune to the inclined condition, so nothing will take place to it. But even if it wasn’t, it has the capability to hover, so it would not fall anyway.

  • How a good deal can you raise the usage of the fly spell?

There are no specific policies for a flying creature’s carrying capacity, whether or not flying naturally or with the aid of a spell, so you simply comply with the everyday guidelines observed on the web page.

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