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The Forge Domain Cleric is a divine cleric that has been granted powers by the gods of fire and metal. These clerics seek to protect their allies and bring destruction to their enemies with the power of fire and steel. The most important gods that forge clerics worship are Erebus and Moradin, though many forge clerics also worship Zorquan, Reorx, or Haela Brightaxe as well.

This is a guide to creating a Cleric Domain, using the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons rules. The Cleric Domain system in Dungeons & Dragons can be confusing for new players. This guide will show you how to create a domain within your cleric’s class and gain new abilities as you level up.


Forge Domain Cleric 5e

This guide is intended to be used with the 5th edition compatible Dungeons & Dragons rule books, official content sources on various deities, and other resources that are included here throughout.

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 Forge Domain Cleric 5e


What is the use of Forge Domain Cleric 5e?

The Forge Domain Cleric grants you access to divine smithing, an array of powerful spells, and the ability to infuse magic weapons and armor with your faith. The most important ability that a cleric receives from the Forge Domain is the Divine Smite feature. The Divine Smite action lets you make a melee weapon.

It attacks with the advantage to strike your enemy for an additional 1d8 damage with one weapon of your choice. You can use this feature once per short or long rest. This can benefit either a melee weapon forged by divine smithing or two weapons wielded or both by two different creatures. These weapons can be wielded by you.

What are the types of Forge Domain Cleric 5e?

The Forge Domain Cleric is a divine cleric that focuses on the power of fire and metal. In order to create a Forge Domain, you must choose Erebus as your patron deity and the Fire domain in addition to the others already required for that domain. In order to gain access to your powers, you must worship either Moradin or Zorquan. Many forge clerics also choose Reorx for their patron deity, however, this is not required.

What is a Forge Domain Cleric?

A Divine Cleric that has been granted powers by the gods of fire and metal. This cleric knows the power to smith weapons, divine smite foes, and communes with the gods to gain their favor. A Forge Domain Cleric can gain access to powerful abilities that focus on elemental damage and smithing weapons, as well as some new spells. The ability to infuse magic into an enchanted weapon or armor allows your equipment to bypass resistance or immunity effects caused by specific damage types. You also gain a slew of strong proficiencies based on your chosen forge domain.

Final Verdict

The Forge Domain 5e is a great option for players who like to be able to focus their combat abilities on dealing damage or using the enchantment of magic, rather than other divine clerics who choose to focus on healing. A player who chooses this cleric option will enjoy having access to smithing and being able to deal elemental damage with their divine smite.

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