Gambler 5e (5th Edition) Background in D&D Backgrounds

Some human beings stay to take chances, and in doing so, are seeking to discover their fortunes. These gamblers come in all shapes and sizes, however, they all have at least one issue in common: they take dangers in the hope that these dangers will lead them to rewards. Aficionados of a number of video games of chance, the gambler indulges his urge to flip danger into reward anyplace it makes sense, be it at the arena, a darkish alley, a posh playing hall, an army camp, or clearly any different putting the place video games of hazard can locate a place.

Gambler 5e

Odds and likelihood are your bread and butter. During downtime things to do that contain video games of threat or figuring odds on the first-class plan, you can get a strong feel of which desire is possibly the great one and which possibilities appear too appropriate to be true, at the DM’s determination.

Some gamble out of necessity. Others do so out of boredom. Still, others end up addicted to the thrill of prevailing or dropping the whole thing on a flip of fortune. For some, playing is much less dependent on threat and greater a be counted of searching for each benefit to make sure of the outcome. The fantastic gamblers can lose everything, and the worst gamblers once in a while win.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Insight
  • Tool Proficiencies: One gaming set
  • Languages: Any one of your choice

If there is a pastime (action) going on, you seldom have a good deal of hassle discovering it. As a skilled gambler, you generally be aware of who to ask and the place to appear to hit upon others who are involved in enjoying video games of chance, or you at least understand how to get a recreation started out to appeal to others.

Once you detect these different gamblers, you’re typically capable of tightly closing a vicinity at the desk (figuratively or literally), although you may also have to show that you understand what you’re speaking about and have foreign money to wager… and occasionally solely the latter. In short, you must normally have no hassle discovering possibilities to gamble so lengthily as you can successfully talk with those around you and they are inclined to deal with you.

Personality Traits

D8Personality Traits
1I plan for every contingency. Leave nothing to chance!
2Every copper wants to be a silver. Each bet is an opportunity.
3I'm one of Lady Luck's favored. Anything I try is destined to succeed.
4I've lost so much to gambling that I refuse to spend money on anything anymore.
5Nothing is certain. Planning is a coward's act.
6I can't be sure who I've swindled, cheated, or defeated, so I keep a low profile in public.
7The perfect bet is out there somewhere. I just have to keep my eyes open.
8I have beaten my addiction, but all it takes is one weak moment and I'll be back at the card table.


1Knowledge: Knowledge is power, and knowing which horse to back is the key to success. (Any)
2Fate: Whatever happens is fated, regardless of any planning or striving. (Lawful)
3Bravery: If you want to succeed, you have to take risks. (Chaotic)
4Survival: You can't win if you're dead. Live to fight another day—when the odds might be more in your favor. (Any)
5Reliability: When I was in need, I was able to rely on others. Now I want to be the one others rely on. (Good)
6Victory: Winning is the real measure of a person. In the end, the only thing that matters is the scoreboard. (Evil)


1One person in particular owes me a lot of money, and I need to keep them alive if I want to be repaid.
2I'm loyal to the friend or family member who taught me how to gamble.
3The person who saved me from my gambling addiction is the only reason I'm alive today.
4A patron once fronted me money in exchange for a percentage of my winnings. I owe them a debt of gratitude. And a lot of cash.
5A criminal syndicate I once played for isn't happy I left the game, and its enforcers are looking for me.
6Urchins once helped me find marks for my games. Now I'm driven to help them escape the streets.


1I don't know when to quit. Especially when everyone else is telling me to.
2I save my sympathy for my friends, and I have no friends.
3You think we're in trouble now? Let me tell you how bad things are likely to get!
4You can loan me a little, right? I've got a sure thing. I'll double your money, guaranteed.
5I was once a terribly flawed person, like you. Let me tell you how you can save yourself.
6I'm a great gambler. I'm just bad at math and logic.

Here the odds and the chance are like your bread and butter. While downtime things to do which contain video games both of the danger or figuring out odds on the excellent plan, and you ought to get a strong experience of which preference is in all likelihood to be an exceptional one and which possibilities appear much suitable to be true, at your DM’s determination.

No matter whether or not you win or lose, you’re constantly drawn to playing like a bee to the flowers. As a gambler historical past 5e, you can also stumble upon these queries such as! Are you the kind that continuously bluffs, or the variety that doesn’t be aware of what a poker face is? Do you spend your nights raking in giant sums of gold? Or do you barely scrape by way of your winnings? And most importantly, what is your desired game; dice, cards, chariot races? Or are you the kind that tries the whole lot to earn gold? No want about your preference, certainly the truth stays the same; you are a gambler, and you have come to play too.


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