Genasi 5e (5th Edition) Race in D&D

There are a ton of races that structure due to the union of the factors and the cloth plane. These creatures have a tendency to experience at odds with the Material Plane, however that does now not give up them from making the airplane their oyster. The Genasi are an exceedingly effective race in phrases of uncooked potential. The factors have come to existence to help the races of the Forgotten Realms (or anything world you play on). Of course, they’re going to have terrific potential! Figure out the place to use this viable satisfactory in our Genasi 5E guide.

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Genasi 5e

Genasi 5e had been added in the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, a free complement for 5E. These creatures are created at some stage in an accident of birth, both when a being is suffused with the energy of the elements… Or when a Genie falls in love with a mortal. The latter tends to be extra likely, even though the cloth aircraft crosses with elemental planes greater regularly than most mortals believe.


A Genasi tends to be the identical dimension and familiar form as the mortal they had been born to… And will likely by no means see the Genie aspect of their household in their lifetime. However, they regularly have characteristics that are very comparable to that parent; a Fire Genasi has crimson pores and skin and every now and then burning hair, whilst an Earth Genasi’s pores and skin would possibly be cracked and brown like the ground. Genasi are sincerely not often loved; at times, their mortal mother and father may additionally no longer even prefer them. This forces Genasi to wander, and seem for their Genie side.

Despite this oppression, Genasi apprehends their potential and sees themselves as equaling any challenge. This can purpose excessive failure to hit Genasi hard, considering the fact that their self-assurance is one of the few matters their dad and mom didn’t take away from them.

Genasi Appearance

  • Average Height: 5’7″ – 6’2″
  • Average Weight: 130–225 lbs

Genasi Statistics

  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Alignment: Usually neutral

Genasi General Info

  • Vision: Darkvision
  • Average Lifespan: 72–110 years
  • Homeland’s: Abeir, Akanûl, Calimshan, Laerakond
  • Language’s: Common, Primordial
  • Subraces: Earth genasi, fire genasi, stormsoul genasi, water genasi, air genasi, etc.

Genasi are naturally isolated, and this can reason troubles for the strange-looking Genasi. Despite their possible and greater than common durability, Genasi is appeared down upon. Many Genasi flock to large cities, the place Lizardfolk and Gnomes can without problems masks the strangeness of Genasi. However, on the frontier, Genasi locate it difficult to discover a domestic that can take delivery of them. They would possibly attempt to discover a nice, far away location that most connects with their airplane of origin; a Fire Genasi may stay close to a semi-active volcano, or shut to the western areas of Faerun.

Genasi Attributes

The Genasi can be of many, many one-of-a-kind planes, however, for information they fall into 4 categories; Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Each of these is born from a unique kind of Genie or is created when the aircraft they are named after engage with the Material airplane in a specific way.

  • +2 Constitution:  The most bendy stat in the game. The constitution is indispensable to each and every single class, however is vital to none of them. Raising your fitness is a necessary undertaking for each persona to work towards, and Constitution saves are the most probable to store you from death. However, no type requires you to use Constitution, and it’s now not a desirable offensive stat.
  • Medium Size:  30 Ft Speed. This is average, and you don’t have any proper weight or top modifications to work with.
  • Languages:  Primordial is… type of whatever. You would possibly be capable to talk with elementals or nature spirits, however, this won’t be an excellent bridge for diplomacy.

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