Gith 5e (5th Edition) Race in D&D Races

The countless warfare in the planes beyond.  This is short precis of the Gith, a displaced and wounded people.  Long ago, they got here to understand struggling below a domineering race of creatures recognized as “Illithid”.  The horrid creatures broke and enslaved these beings into servitude, harvesting them when it grew to be convenient.  In a display of will and defiance, insurrection leads to the gith breaking free.  However, factions arose over what to do with their newfound freedom.  The break-up leads to the upward thrust of many new businesses rife with their personal unusual philosophies and viewpoints.


Gith 5e

Despite this fracturing, every respective faction stays sturdy and proud in their very own manner.  Each continues onward in their ideals.  Each finds its region in the multiverse.  However, they continue to be sullied with the aid of hatred and biases of the past.  Many refuse to deal too a whole lot with their kinds, lest they threaten getting dragged into Gith politics.  However, a clever and effective ally is generally welcomed inside a team.

Gith 5e race in dnd

5th Edition Statistics

  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Tag(s): Gith

General Information

  • Vision: Darkvision
  • Activity cycle: Any
  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Average lifespan: 100 years
  • Homeland(s): Astral Plane, Limbo, Wildspace
  • Language(s): Gith, Common[9][6]
  • Subraces: Githyanki, Githzerai[5][6], Pirates of Gith[8][4] , Githvyrik[10]


  • Average height: 5’1″ – 7′ (1.55 ‒ 2.13 m)[6]
  • Average weight: 92 – 196 lb (42 ‒ 89 kg)[6]
  • Skin color(s): Pale yellow with green or brown tones[11][12]
  • Hair color(s): Black, red, russet, gray[11][12]
  • Typical build: Slender[6]
  • Distinctions: Angular features, gaunt, flattened noses, psionically gifted, pointed ears


  • First appearance: Fiend Folio 1st edition

The Gith can purpose pretty a bit of confusion as it is the title of a race that is cut up into two awesome factions, the Githyanki and the Githzerai. They share a frequent history and history, escaping from the management of the thought flayers, however tensions inside a break up the race into two with one dwelling in the Astral Plane and the different dwelling in the Everchanging Chaos of Limbo. This cut-up has prompted them to hate every other, looking every other, and the thinking flayers who enslaved them, besides mercy. Why the break up though? Well, we’ll locate out quickly enough.

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The Gith had been as soon as evil people that the thinking flayers captured and enslaved the usage of their psionic powers. They had been held in bondage for untold eons till they developed their personal powers and abilities and escaped the manipulate of the thinking flayers. The one who led this bloody revolution in opposition to their masters was once acknowledged as Gith, and so the whole race named themselves the Gith in honor of their insurrection leader.

There is little data explaining precisely why the two branches of Gith split, however, they have hated every difference due to the fact that they starting and are in a Githyanki-Githzerai war. Of course, that doesn’t take up their total interest as the Githyanki, who live on the Astral Plane, love to kill idea flayers and humans. We apprehend the thought flayers, if we have been psionically enslaved for eons, we’d in all likelihood choose to begin reducing off tentacled heads too, however, their absolute hatred for people appears weird. Maybe it’s simply due to the fact they had been at the start evil human beings and historic habits die hard?

The Githzerai, who dwell on Limbo, is now not as excited about killing thinking flayers and regularly have an on-again, an off-again truce with them with a few skirmishes right here and there. We are sort of on the aspect of the Githyanki in this situation, however at least the Githzerai won’t without delay kill you if you are a human.

Looking at the Githzerai, they aren’t pretty as fearsome as their family members on the grounds that they don’t get dragon mounts, however, they are nevertheless effective adversaries. They are targeted on being extra monastic warriors, with less complicated weapons and garb.

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