Golgari Agent 5e (5th Edition) Background in D&D Backgrounds

The Golgari Swarm is a Guild that operates deep under the world-spanning metropolis of Ravnica, bringing existence (and death) to the undercity–find out what drives the coronary heart of the swarm. Not to be burdened with the different Heart of the Swarm, the Golgari Swarm are a guild of Druids who stay in a world that is overrun with civilization. But the place the town grows (and bear in mind this is a town that is ten thousand years old) in the end matters fall into decay. There are layers upon layers of town to explore. Sewers. Undercities. Undercrofts. The Simic Combine and their Zones aren’t the only ones who dredge matters up in the deep locations of the world. For in the locations where Civilization has fallen to decay, the Golgari thrive.


Golgari Agent 5e

Imagine a bunch of Druids who got here throughout Necromancy and the notion “yeah that sounds about right” — for the Golgari embody life, death, and undeath. The cycle of lifestyles and loss of life and undeath all feed collectively to create this procedure with the aid of which the dwelling grows, then is “reclaimed” and reforged into something new. And to the Golgari, this herbal cycle is current even in the trappings of Civilization.

Thus they will work with undead–they view undeath as a section of the cycle, partner to existence and death, transitory–the solely actual inherently evil aspect is the stagnation of say, changing all existence with undeath or in any other case attempting to spoil the cycle they preserve dear. And owing to their reverence for fungi, the Circle of Spores Druids will play host to a symbiotic colony of necrotic spores that assist them to deal injury in a place around them, seriously change them into a melee fight monster, and manage the battlefield with their toxic issue.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Nature, Survival
  • Tool Proficiencies: Poisoner’s Kit
  • Languages: Choose one of Elvish, Giant, or Kraul

Non Druids in the Golgari Swarm would possibly be Golgari Agents, who are one section of the teeming sprawling complicated organism that is the Golgari Swarm. These sellers understand the hidden, underground pathways that take them via and round limitations in the city.

Golgari Guild Spells

Spell LevelSpell
CantripDancing Lights, Spare the Dying
1stEntangle, Ray of Sickness
2ndProtection from Poison, Ray of Enfeeblement, Spider Climb
3rdAnimate Dead, Plant Growth
4thGiant Insect, Grasping Vine
5thCloudkill, Insect Plague

Personality Traits

d8Personality Trait
1Remember, I could kill you in your sleep. Or put centipedes in your bedroll.
2I like to remind people of their inevitable demise.
3Sometimes I give voice to the whispers of the rot, which I hear but no one else does.
4I do my best to discourage anyone from approaching or talking to me.
5I have accepted my death. Hence, I don't fear it.
6Like roots growing through stone, I am relentless and determined in my action.
7I put my knowledge of anatomy to use by narrating the injuries my enemies suffer in grisly detail.
8Like a wild animal, I lash out viciously when I'm provoked - and I'm easily provoked.


1Guild. My guild is all that really matters. (Any)
2Stoicism. All of us are part of the cyclical march of nature, which will continue with or without us. (Neutral)
3Nature. The natural world is more important than the edifices of the city and civilization. (Neutral)
4Interdependence. We are all part of nature's web. (Lawful)
5Ambition. The time of Golgari ascendance is at hand, and I intend to have a prominent place in the new world order. (Evil)
6Live and Let Live. Meddling in the affairs of other guilds is a great way to get squashed like a bug. (Neutral)


1I cherish the finger of a family member who was petrified by a medusa.
2I have an identical twin who is as different from me as any person could be.
3I want to lead one faction of the guild to a new position of dominance.
4I love spending time in the moss-covered building where I took part in my first reclamation mission.
5I found something in the sewer that must never come to light.
6I am forever grateful to the reclaimer who found me floating facedown in the sewer, moments from death.


1Death comes for us all, so you can't expect me to take care of someone who can't fight it off.
2I assume that anyone outside the Golgari looks down on me.
3I feel a need for revenge against those who enjoy the privilege of living above ground.
4I don't bother to couch my opinions in flattering words.
5I can't help but pocket any trinket or coin I come across, no matter how worthless.
6I'm convinced that I'm better and stronger than members of other guilds, isolated as they are from the realities of life and death.

Golgari Contacts

1One of my parents is an elite assassin, a member of the Ochran.
2I learned combat from a kraul.
3I know a medusa who is stationed in the guildhall.
4I had a torrid romance with a spore druid responsible for a large rot farm.
5There's a troll in a remote area of the undercity who seems to find me interesting - and who knows more than you'd think.
6An elf lich is determined to see me become a lich someday, too.
7A medusa decided it would be more fun to recruit me into the guild than to kill me.
8I know a findbroker who can locate just about anything, for the right price.

Non-Golgari Contacts

1An Azorius arrester I literally pulled out of the gutter will do anything for me.
2Someone joined the Gruul in a battle against the Boros once, and the sergeant of that Boros squad would love to prove that it was me.
3I had a romance with a Dimir agent whom I still feed secrets to.
4Roll an additional Golgari contact; you can decide if the contact is an ally or a rival.
5I joined the Gruul in a battle against the Boros once, and the chief of that small clan thanks me for turning the tide.
6An Izzet scientist resents that I sold a scrapped invention I found in the sewer.
7My undercity explorations led me into an Orzhov vault, and a spirit thinks I stole something valuable.
8I found a baby beast and sold it to a Rakdos wrangler who remains grateful to me.
9A Selesnya druid and I share an interest in the same garden, and we have enjoyable arguments there.
10I regularly pick up refuse from beneath a Simic laboratory, and sometimes I talk to the researcher who dumps it there.

You recognize hidden, underground pathways that you can use to ignore crowds, obstacles, and remarks as you pass through the city. When you are not in combat, you and the companions you lead can tour between any two places in the town twice as quickly as your velocity would commonly allow. The paths of the undercity are haunted via risks that are not often courageous on the mild of the floor, so your experience isn’t always assumed to be safe.


Q1: What Does It Mean By Ideal In DnD?

  • Basically, beliefs are the trusted device that drives a character. These are in a position to encompass thoughts like Generosity or Greed, Respect or Might, or Tradition or Freedom. Also, these beliefs help to outline the character’s alignment, which usually defines how different PCs and NPCs do view the character.

Q2: Can we have a couple of backgrounds in dnd 5e?

  • In dungeons and dragons, taking part in recreation policies does no longer permit a participant for including more than one background to a character.

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