Great Weapon Master 5e (5th Edition) Feat in Dnd Feats

You have learned to use every weapon from the master of weapons. You are so skilled with them that you have mastered a unique fighting style, and your attacks hit their mark even when you don’t see it coming. You can attack with multiple weapons at once, striking a foe with an effective flurry of blows.

 Great Weapon Master 5e

This feat is for a player who has chosen the Great Weapon Master archetype for their character. They’ll be able to use any weapon as if they were proficient in each one until they reach level 16, after which point they’ll gain proficiency in every single martial or simple melee weapon out there.

You can use this to add +2 damage to a single-weapon attack or +1 damage with a two-weapon attack. You’ll also get the benefits of any feats that allow you to use a thrown weapon while still using your other weapons. For example, a character who uses two-weapon fighting has an incredible weapon mastery feat and wields a greatsword would get +2 damage from the accomplishment and +2 damage from sneak attack for 4d6+4 damage per hit.

It’s generally easier for players of the Great Weapon Master archetype, as it reduces the number of weapons they need to master (down from four). There are some advantages you’ll have with this feat, but be aware that you may end up losing out on some combat opportunities. The GM has the final say on how well a character does if things start spinning out of control for them at some point during a combat encounter.

What is the Great Weapon Master DnD 5E Feat?

  • Great Weapon Master is a feat available to barbarians, fighters, rangers, and paladins, which increases the damage you deal with great weapons.
  • Your attacks with great weapons are more deadly than those of others because of your extensive training.
  • When using a great weapon, you gain a +2 bonus to Damage Rolls. This bonus increases as you level; it is +4 at level 14th and +6 at level 17th.

Great Weapon Master DnD 5E Feat Requirements

The character must have excellent weapon proficiency to select this feat. The character must be trained in Athletics to select this feat, and the character must have the Power Attack ability to set this feat.

Great Weapon Master DnD 5E Feat Option

When you kill a creature with a great weapon, you can make two melee weapon attacks as a free action, and the two attacks must be made with the same weapon.

Level 9th: You gain the ability to make a flurry of blows attack as if it were part of your regular Attack routine. This attack is made only with great weapons and does not count against your usual maximum number of attacks in this round. When making this attack, you would typically make three great weapons attacks in that round, then four.


Q1.Is a great weapon master a good 5e?

Ans: The excellent weapon master feat is not good on its own, and it is helpful with other feats and class features that allow additional attacks, such as the rogue’s sneak attack. 

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