Human 5e (5th Edition) Race in D&D

Humans possess awesome power and an extraordinary ability to undergo and expand, and as such are presently the dominant race in the world. Their empires and international locations are vast, sprawling things, and the residents of these societies carve names for themselves with the power of their sword hands and the strength of their spells.


Humanity is first-class characterized by means of its tumultuousness and diversity, and human cultures run the gamut from savage however honorable tribes to decadent, devil-worshiping noble households in the most cosmopolitan cities. Humans’ curiosity and ambition regularly over their predilection for a sedentary lifestyle, and many depart their residences to discover the innumerable forgotten corners of the world or lead mighty armies to overcome their neighbors, without a doubt due to the fact they can.


Human 5e

Human society is an ordinary amalgam of nostalgia and futurism, being enamored of previous glories and wistfully remembered “golden ages,” but at the identical time speedy to discard subculture and records and strike off into new ventures. Relics of the previous are saved as prized antiques and museum pieces, as people love to accumulate things—not solely inanimate relics however additionally residing creatures—to show for their enjoyment or to serve through their side. Other races endorse this conduct is due to a deep-rooted urge to dominate and assert strength in the human psyche, an urge to take, till, or tame the wild matters and locations of the world.

HUMAN Statistics

  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Tag(s): Human
  • Alignment: Any

General Information

  • Activity cycle: Day
  • Average lifespan: Less than a century
  • Language(s): Common, regional languages


  • Skin color(s): Pale to dark brown[2]
  • Hair color(s): Red, blond, brown, black[2]
  • Hairstyle(s): Straight, curly, kinky[4]
  • Eye color(s): Blue, brown, gray, green, hazel[1][2]
  • Female: Average height 4′7″‒6′1″ (1.4‒1.9 m), Average weight 89‒245 lb (40‒111 kg)
  • Male: Average height 5′‒6′7″ (1.5‒2 m), Average weight 124‒280 lb (56.2‒130 kg)


Those with a greater charitable view agree with human beings are really collectors of experiences, and the matters they take and keep, whether or not living, dead, or in no way alive, are simply tokens to remind themselves of the locations they have gone, the matters they have seen, and the deeds they have accomplished. Their existing and future price is simply a bonus; their actual price is an ongoing reminder of the inevitable development of humanity.

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Humans in many locations are involved through older races and cultures, although at instances they develop pissed off or even contemptuous of historical and (to their mind) superseded traditions. Their attitudes towards different races are hence a curious combination of exoticism and even fetishism, even though commonly with a very superficial stage of perception and understanding of these cultures, alongside a deeply rooted conceitedness that skill most people have a challenging time concerning themselves as something different than the default general of the society.

Human pupils engaged in the learn about of different races—who would possibly be assumed to be the most cosmopolitan and nicely versed in their nature and culture—have regularly proved no higher than the less-learned contributors of their race when it comes to proper closing of the social distance. Humans are gregarious, regularly friendly, and inclined to combine and have interaction with others, however, their sheer obliviousness to their off exceeded marginalization of others is what so chagrins different races when dealing with them.

More average human residents frequently take a seat idly through whilst their extra excessive compatriots dominate the political and cultural conversation, but there are additionally many who stand in opposition to extremists and embody a spirit of harmony throughout the bounds of difference, transcending limitations and forming alliances and relationships each giant and small throughout each and every color, creed, country, or species.

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