Hunger of Hadar DnD 5e: Mechanics and Guide

The Hunger of Hadar is a new adventure module for the 5th edition player’s handbook.


Hunger of Hadar 5e

It looks at the issue of hunger in a way that I think has not been done before, and will leave your players hungry for more.

What is Hadar?

Hadar is a dungeon-style adventure with a twist. The dungeon is based on an existing structure and has been altered by unknown forces. You start at the surface and work your way down in search of the hunger of Hadar 5e, an ancient evil that was imprisoned there long ago. In this adventure, the players explore a keep but as they progress deeper inside they find it expanding and changing around them. The dungeon itself becomes dangerous as the subtle changes make it more lethal or challenging in different areas than another. It’s like a giant clockwork with shifting parts that are becoming more deadly to you in places as you go deeper into the complex.

What is the hunger of Hadar 5e? 

The adventure is designed to be played in 2 or 3 short sessions. The idea is to play it one or two nights a week, and go deeper and deeper into the dungeon as time goes on. Each night has its own specific goal, and if you are successful in completing that goal you receive some kind of reward. If you fail, then your party suffers some kind of penalty. You may not make it out of the dungeon alive if they are not careful!

The idea here is that this adventure can be played without a DM and without leaving the table between each session. The DM does not have to control or run a single monster in the adventure. The DM’s job is to set up the specific room or challenge that the party specifically faces that night, and make sure its automatic doors, secret doors, and traps are all active. Then they move on to help the other players with their challenges so everyone can participate somehow.

What else is in Hadar 5e?

Everything you need to run this game adventure is contained in this book. You do not need a dungeon master’s guide or any other books beyond the player’s handbook. All you need is this book and a few friends.

Each room or challenge in the adventure has a complete description that walks you through the details of what’s expected of them in that specific area. Players follow this advice to complete their goals and advance deeper into Hadar, learning more about it as they go. They find out things like where the good food is, where the bad food is, how to get out alive, what dangerous hazards are going to confront them when they get there, or even where they have been transported already!

Final Verdict

This is an adventure that may be played with one completely new DM and a few players who have played D&D 5e for a while. It’s designed to be played in 2-3 sessions, but can also be taken in as many short sessions that are convenient. It is simple to run, and if you would like to run it for less than 3 players then the work of making it fit for the other players has already been done. All you need is this book and your group of friends to get started!

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