Kalashtar 5e (5th Edition) Race in DND races

Kalashtar 5e is intertwined with spirits from the realm of dreams, psionic conduits born of two minds and one body. Like weird otherworldly spirit animals, these spirits inform the kalashtar thru life, even though their voices may also solely be heard as desires and felt in the psionic powers they bestow. Kalashtar is telepaths, have the most resilient minds, and have actual energy inside the dream realm. Kalashtars are technically special to the Eberron marketing campaign setting, like a changeling, however, these psionic powerhouses are brimming with psychic powers and are discovering their way into infinite 5e campaigns. Focus on your strength and comply with your quori spirit as we go via the whole thing you want to know.


Kalashtar 5e

Kalashtar, native to Eberron, had been people that have been intertwined with spirits from the airplane of dreams. Although they show up human, Kalashtar is deeply in tune with spirituality, granting them moderate psychic abilities. They can’t without delay speak with the spirits they are linked to, however rather sense them thru emotion, instinct, and see them in their dreams. Most Kalashtar is lawful and virtuous due to the have an impact on their linked spirits, who fled from the aircraft of desires from the evil spirits that lurk there.

General Information

  • Homeland(s): Khorvaire, Sarlona
  • Language(s): Common, Quori

5th Edition Statistics

  • Type: Humanoid


  • Average height: 5′8″‒6′3″ (1.7‒1.9 m)
  • Average weight: 130‒220 lb (59‒100 kg)

Each kalashtar is certain to a quori spirit, a being from the dream realm Dal Quor that commonly feeds on the psionic electricity that emanates from dreaming mortals. Quori and as a substitute, something from the quasi-real world of Dal Quor has a tough time current inside the cloth plane, so they should take refuge in mortal minds.

Many quori have accomplished this in the carrier to what they name “The Dreaming Dark”, a shadowy lord of nightmares that regulations over Dal Quor. Their intentions are now not absolutely clear, however, they’ve been working for heaps of years, and anybody should grow to be an agent after simply having a horrific dream. Most different kalashtar work in opposition to the dreaming dark, even though some observe “The Path of Light” that vows to battle darkness in all its forms.

Beyond this everlasting struggle, a standard massive kalashtar neighborhood would exist high in mountain pinnacle temples. The authentic kalashtars have been andaran monks that willingly bonded with quori refugees. Their young people had been born with fused souls, and the kalashtar grew to become some thing new as an alternative than a mere vessel and passenger. Their fashioned tradition is one of diligence, meditation, intellectuality, and internal conflict. Kalashtar attempt to hold manage of their emotions, however their quori 1/2 nevertheless remembers the wild chaos of Dal Quor and aches deeply for it.

However, no longer all kalashtar have the luxurious of a common upbringing. Many kalashtar exist during Eberron and these orphaned or newly created might also have little to no grasp about their spirit half. Those with no education may additionally even see their telepathy and psionic competencies as a curse, their quori spirit usually haunting their goals simply in the area of their understanding.

Kalashtar is special to the Eberron putting so some of their lore and lifestyle is inexorably tied there. However, if you design on going for walks a kalashtar in any other putting you might also prefer to talk about selections with your DM. The quori spirit can be changed with genuinely any ghost or non secular component it truly is fantastic for the setting, as can the “dreaming dark” with any demon or different darkish forces.

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