Keen Mind 5e (5th Edition) Feat in Dnd Feats

The keen mind feat is a potential that makes you fairly right at preserving the music of the time, directions, and information. Specifically, it states the following: you constantly recognize which way is north, you usually recognize the wide variety of hours left till first light or sunset, you can precisely recall something you’ve viewed or heard in the remaining month.


Keen Mind 5e

Knowing the place north is can be extraordinarily helpful, that’s an actual existence talent that we’re speaking about here. Before the days of compasses, which encompassed most D&D settings, having an expertise of the cardinal instructions ought to actually be a lifesaver.

There possibly aren’t many clocks in your world. While there would possibly be sundials or hourglasses, these aren’t going to be continuously available. The instances that we certainly want to recognize what time it is are commonly going to be when we can’t see the sun.

At this factor, it’s greater about roleplaying than mechanics. None of these instructions inherently have a cause for looking for the +1 Intelligence or wanting the potential to track the time of day or north route (except possibly the Druid). For these instructions, it’s all about if they are the one type of appearing as the be aware taker, the team scribe, or the investigator/problem solver.

The most important advantage of the Keen Mind Feat is the potential to definitely understand what used to be heard, read, or viewed over the previous month. That’s actually in most campaigns, however, it will be in particular proper with any of these lessons that don’t instinctively suppose about eager thought as a feat that makes sense.

For a wizard, this is a type that prides itself as masters of the arcane, wants the brain as a most important stat, and it makes them feel they would have a close to photographic reminiscence at least in the short-term. This provides a Sherlock Holmes kind aspect to wizards that Dresden followers will definitely appreciate. That makes eager thought an appropriate feat for 5e wizards who will additionally frequently be doing the heavy lifting for a party’s investigation, be aware taking, or research.


Q1.How do DMs deal with the eager thought feat?

Ans: Perception, insight, investigation, history, and arcana tests are a DM’s excellent buddy when dealing with the eager thought feat. In universal, the eager thinking feat is now not recreation breaking when appropriately used and adjudicated in-game.

Q2.What are the uses for eager thinking feat 5E Dungeons & Dragons?

Ans: Keen idea feat can work very nicely for tracking, scouting, or recalling vital details in a story-heavy campaign.

Q3.Can Keen Mind substitute the spell e-book for a wizard?

Ans: Keen thought can now not change a spell e-book for a wizard as the regulations are written, however, its points do probably enable some confined flexibility for a 5e wizard for a restrained quantity of in-game time (four weeks) if the DM consents to it.

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