Knight 5e (5th Edition) Background in D&D Backgrounds

A knighthood is amongst the lowest noble titles in most societies, however, it can be a course to greater status. If you want to be a knight, pick out the Retainers characteristic as a substitute for the Position of Privilege feature.

Knight 5e

As a logo of chivalry and the beliefs of courtly love, you may consist of amongst your gear a banner or different token from a noble lord or woman to whom you have given your heart in a chaste type of devotion.

You have the carrier of three retainers loyal to your family. These retainers can be attendants or messengers, and one would possibly be a majordomo. One of your retainers is a noble who serves as your squire, assisting you in alternating for coaching on his or her very own route to knighthood (This man or woman should be your bond.). Your two ultimate retainers would possibly consist of a groom to care for your horse and a servant who polishes your armor (and even helps you put it on).

Your retainers can function mundane duties for you, however, they no longer battle for you, will now not observe you into for sure risky areas (such as dungeons), and will go away if they are regularly endangered or abused.

Nobles are born and raised to a very special way of life than most human beings ever experienced, and their personalities mirror that upbringing. A noble title comes with a plethora of bonds—responsibilities to family, to different nobles (including the sovereign), to the human beings entrusted to the family’s care, or even to the title itself. But this accountability is regularly a correct way to undermine a noble.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Religion
  • Languages: Two of your choice

Most of the knights are idealists who comply with the strict code of private honor. Depending on the religion, country, and additionally order of the chivalry which the knight is a member of, certainly, this code of honor varies relying on these aspects.

These values sincerely consist of bravery, piety, true manners, and additionally loyalty to their lord and additionally their ruler. The knight’s flaw may be self-doubt, sturdy non-public ambition, or maybe some private hidden hypocrisy.

In this knight Background 5e, you have been granted a knighthood. Actually, you had been both be knighted with the aid of a neighborhood lord or via the ruler, or of the path, you had been improved to the knighthood why due to the fact you’re a member of the knightly order or different chivalric organization. In a change for your knighthood, you’ve sworn a vow to protect the lands these are for the ruler/organization which is granted the title for you and it needs to be the want to arise.

Personality Traits

D8Options For Personality Traits
1You are a person of few words, who prefers to let your actions do all the talking.
2You demand respect from everyone you deal with and will not tolerate any perceived slights to your personal honor.
3You are prone to making lengthy speeches in an attempt to rally your allies, even when there is little time for words.
4You see every coincidence as the hand of your deity guiding you in a certain direction.
5You never back down from a fight or a challenge, even in the face of overwhelming odds.
6You are obsessed with a historical figure and constantly explain to everyone all of the parallels (no matter how thin) between your current adventures and theirs.
7You are slow to anger but can be merciless and relentless once a situation has escalated to violence.
8You speak in a very proper, formal manner and always address everyone with their full name and title as befits their station.


D6Options For Flaw
1You are unshakable in the belief that you always have the higher moral ground.
2You are always willing to loudly recount the tales of your daring deeds to anyone that will listen, and even some who will not.
3You secretly doubt the veracity of the cause or ruler that you serve.
4While you love the status conveyed by your knighthood, you value your own life too much to sacrifice it for mere ideals.
5You are prone to falling in love at first sight.
6You are very vain and work hard to make sure that your armor is polished, your hair is perfectly coifed and your appearance is meticulously without flaw.


D6Options For Ideal
1Equality: The downtrodden among us must be protected and uplifted in the face of injustice.
2The Crown: Enemies of the church and king (or whatever ruler you follow) must be rooted out wherever they are found.
3Battle: When I die, I will make sure that it is a meaningful death and I will slay as many of my enemies as I can before I succumb.
4Honor: My word is my reputation and I will always honor it.
5Glory: Someday my name will be honored as an equal to the heroes of legend.
6Self: I will use my position to increase my own status and wealth whenever I am able.


D6Options For Bond
1You idealize a heroic figure or ancestor that you believe embodies the spirit of what it truly means to be a knight.
2You owe all that you have to a noble lord or lady that sponsored your knighthood and now acts as your benefactor.
3You are consumed by guilt for some past sin or misdeed that you committed and you are determined to atone for that act.
4You have been granted a vision of an ancient holy relic that was lost ages ago and you have made it your personal quest to recover the lost artifact.
5You are madly in love with another noble’s betrothed, a love that can never be.
6The land where you were born is under siege from outside (possibly figurative) threat and you will see the land saved, even if it’s the last thing you do.

Basically, the title of the knight confers a wonderful deal of recognition from all sorts of individuals of your society: such as the frequent human beings appear up to the knights like defenders and additionally protectors even though the individuals of the blue blood whoever may be discovered themselves on the contrary facet of the battlefield they will deal with you with so an awful lot respect, even if solely begrudgingly.

With this knight’s historical past 5e you have a non-public heraldic coat of arms. This coat of palms is the set of symbols that discover you on any kind of battlefield. You have to work with your dungeon grasp to format this coat of arms.


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