Locathah 5e (5th Edition) Race in D&D Races

Over on Nerdarchy, the YouTube channel, Nerdarchists Dave and Ted mentioned the fine lessons to play for locathah and tortle characters in the fifth version Dungeons & Dragons. Both of these aquatic adjoining races had been delivered to 5E D&D via DMs Guild merchandise, the place all the monies Wizards of the Coast received from sales of the PDFs are donated to Extra Life. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $30 million for poor health and injured kids. Maybe it’s the single category celebration composition sequence we’ve been doing or the Hell & High Water growth for 1985 Games’ Dungeon Craft product line, however, adventuring events sharing a frequent thing has been on my mind lately.

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Locathah 5e Race


Locathah 5e

These two marine creatures swim incomparable waters. Both gain from herbal armor, communicate with Aquan, have a tendency closer to accurate alignment, and possess remarkable Strength. Locathah and tortles stay alongside seacoasts, with the latter commonly social creatures who revel in forming significant friendships with different races. This looks to be an ideal situation to pair up and embark on 5E D&D adventures together.

Lately, I’ve been walking a lot of brief campaigns exploring unique themes, with adventuring events sharing a frequent factor like the bounty hunter marketing campaign we’re presently enjoying in my domestic group. Locathah and tortle lend themselves to this type of thematic marketing campaign too and mixed with a couple of different current conditions put me in an idea to strengthen a new marketing campaign concept. Someone in Nerdarchy the Discord requested about strolling a sport with solely two players, and someplace else anybody requested about strolling 5E DnD for kids. I’ve obtained an answer to each question, and a way for Dungeon Masters to assist elevate cash for children via Extra Life to do it.


  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Tag(s): Locathah
  • Alignment: Neutral

General Information

  • Patron deity: Eadro
  • Movement: Swimming
  • Average lifespan: 125 years
  • Homeland(s): Sea of Fallen Stars
  • Language(s): Aquan
  • Favored climate:  Warm
  • Favored Terrain: Aquatic


  • Average height: ~5’0″ (~150 cm)[2]
  • Average weight: ~175 lbs. (80 kg)[2]
  • Skin color(s): Yellow-green[2][6] to ochre[6]
  • Eye color(s): All black or all white[6]
  • Distinctions: Fine scales, slender, large fins on arms and legs, fish-like[2]

Adventure with Muk is designed for youngsters to introduce them to Dungeons & Dragons. The first half of the e-book consists of things to do like puzzles and innovative writing workouts to assist build and strengthen capabilities to serve children nicely at the sport table. But the lower back of the e-book is a kid-friendly D&D marketing campaign offering the plucky goblin Muk and his adventuring sidekick Bird Squirrel. Muk and Bird Squirrel, alongside a few different pre-generated characters, furnish a simplified way for youthful gamers to experience 5E D&D. Adventure with Muk consists of simplified monster stat blocks, kid-friendly journey hooks, and seven journey ideas!

The journey thoughts and related monsters include a superb combination of 5E D&D material. Adventures come upon a couatl, hill giant, red worm, otyugh, merfolk, and a hag amongst others. But in view that the cloth is supposed to be kid-friendly, adventurers get knocked koo koo when they drop to zero hit points. Muk and the different goblins stay in Dankwood, with a lot of journey areas around like the Snowy Hills and Big Water. See the place I’m headed to yet?

Adapting Adventure with Muk for our locathah and tortle pals would be fantastically easy. Instead of Muk and the other goblins, gamers take on the roles of these two aquatic adventurers who meet on the shores of Big Water and discover the place together. Even though Adventure with Muk is designed for youngsters and our locathah and tortle marketing campaign is too, I wager a lot of humans would revel in this type of game. One of the matters I admire most about Adventure with Muk is how the journey hooks encompass questions for the Dungeon Master to ask gamers to assist them with innovative hassle solving. 

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