Lycanthrope and Werebeast Guide for Players and DMs

In D&D 5E Lycanthropy 5e is a curse that can afflict individuals granting them shaped shifting as well new traits and abilities.

Lycanthropy 5e

Most of the cursed humanoids will allow them to be permanently changed by the curse allowing it to turn them into predators and always this will focus for a week target.


A character that becomes a Lycanthropy 5e will be able to retain his or her statistics except as specified by Lycanthropy type. Automatically the character will gain the speed of Lycanthropy and the actions will not be involved as the equipment will be in the form of damage immunity and non-humanoid form. The natural character is provision and Lycanthropy through attack will be as claws or bite that deals with the damage as shown in the Lycanthropy statistics.

This creature is of three different forms of humanoid state, a hybrid one which will combine humanoid and animal and the other one is pure animal form. Lycanthropy 5e troops will have the same stats as the normal character in the humanoid form but there will be some benefits from damaging the immunity and non-weapons that block actions that are very much associated with occasional bonuses in their animal and hybrid forms. Sometimes it will change as wolf Lycanthropy and the complete strength will be added as an armor class bonus in their wolf and hybrid forms which will be changed over multi-attack activities. This particular attack will gain multiple immunities for slashing, piercing, and bludgeoning from the non-magical attacks and becomes vulnerable to Silvered weapons.

How to make Lycanthropy harder to cure

Lycanthropy is a special condition that is evolved over time and it is stubbornly resistant to magic. Curing the Lycanthropy which requires the congealed blood of another Lycanthropy or sometimes it is essential to insist the rare herbs like wolf bane in which the plant has repeatedly appeared as a werewolf deterrent.

Will the character embrace or will it reject their Lycanthropy

The Monster manual status includes Lycanthropy or sometimes it rejects their curse or embraces it. The typical resistance found is tortured as a werewolf and here inner animal will arise to the full moon which is accepted to lead to the transformation potential into bloodlust. Naturally in DnD, those who resist retaining their normal alignment as a humanoid will be potentially uncontrollable during the time of the Lycanthropy episode. The players who embrace witness and the study alignment will be shifted to the normal character once everything is understood.

Lycanthropy has the capability to change the dynamics of your game dramatically and it is one of those troops been done right if it is so fascinating to watch the play. The characters in the play will gain more power and immunity to attack the opponent. Watching players will have struggled with the moral choices and the implications of their friends and enemies are Pinnacle with high drama. This Lycanthropy type of playing is just to create fun between the players.

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