Mage Slayer 5e (5th Edition) Feat in Dnd Feats 

The mage slayer feat from 5E is a strong expert feat designed to supply robust benefits to melee primarily based characters who prefer greater electricity when taking on unsafe spellcasters up shut in their fifth Edition DnD campaigns.

Mage Slayer 5e

Sometimes that magic wielder simply has to die and at mid to excessive ranges that is a tall order if your party is dealing with every person even remotely competent. Also relying on the kind of marketing campaign your desk is playing, the inevitable betrayal of a double agent wizard in the crew can be a serious hassle if the rogue in the team hasn’t picked up on the refined guidelines being dropped during the campaign.

Mage slayer would be one of the higher feats in 5E even with simply the first two benefits, however, the 0.33 honestly brings home the concept of that martial fight expert who is skilled specially to deal with magic casters. Not solely does this feat provide you the competencies to assault a wizard or sorcerer and intervene with their casting, but you have the benefit to defend yourself from their spells.

The mage slayer feat works nicely with a range of builds. There are 5 unique lessons that this feat meshes well with, and there are arguments that some of the others in the “consider this feat” class could virtually be bumped up to this one. If you are the appointed “deal with the robed problem” man on the crew and you’re now not a sharpshooting ranger who can hit the goal from ridiculously a ways away, then you must possibly seem to be at this feat.

First, there are the armored martial combatants who can do very properly with this spell: fighter, cleric, paladin. All three of these instructions can make the mage slayer feat work. They are armored, have excessive HP, and are predicted to combat and tank. They can tank the magical blasts as they tank their way in the direction of the trouble spellcaster.

Mage Slayer is one of the great methods that melee-focused lessons can lockdown and manage spellcasters and especially evasive monsters.

Because you solely grain the advantages of Mage Slayer inside 5ft of an enemy, this feat is going to conflict to be impactful on any spellcasting or ranged attack-focused class. Being a Mage Slayer is all about getting up in enemy spellcasters’ faces.


Q1.Does the mage slayer feat interrupt a spell?

Ans: The mage slayer feat does no longer interrupt a spell. The only time this happens is when the spell is already solid and the assault effects in a failed attention test on the section of the caster. This no longer consists of attention primarily based on spells in the method of being cast.

Q2.Does mage slayer work on cantrips?

Ans: Based on the way the wording is in the book, mage slayer does work on cantrips.

Q3.Is mage slayer a proper feat?

Ans: Mage slayer is an exquisite feat, and one of the best rated in the sport for melee classes. This is a feat that isn’t simply correct for experts however is a very proper feat in regular for most fight-centered classes.

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