Mercenary Veteran 5e (5th Edition) Background in D&D Backgrounds

Like a sell-sword who has fought battles for the coin, you’re nicely acquainted with the very risky lifestyles and additionally limb for a hazard at a share of the treasure. Now, you do seem to be in advance for battle foes and additionally reaping even larger rewards like an adventurer. Your trip makes you acquainted with all of the ins and additionally outs of mercenary lifestyles and possibly you would like to hear harrowing testimonies of the activities on the battlefield.


Mercenary Veteran 5e

In this veteran 5e, your trip can make you acquainted with some ins and additionally outs of the mercenary life, and even you probably have some harrowing tales of such occasions on the battlefield. You may want to have served by means of the greatest outfit like the Zhentarim or else the troopers of Mintarn, or else a smaller band of sell-swords, however, would possibly be extra than one too.


Basically, your ride is your asset, that trip makes you acquainted through the ins and additionally outs of its mercenary life, and of the direction you would in all likelihood to have the harrowing memories about activities on the battlefield.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Persuasion
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of gaming set, vehicles (land)
  • Languages: None

Of direction as a Mercenary veteran 5e now you’re searching for something else, possibly the higher reward for the sake of dangers that you do take or you’ve already taken too, or else the freedom to pick out your personal activities. So that for some reason, you’re additionally leaving the at the back of the lifestyles of the soldier for hire, however of the path your capabilities that are undeniably acceptable for this precise battle, so that now you do combat in a range way.

For Mercenary history 5e recommended traits you can additionally use the desk of soldier dnd 5e history like the foundation for your characteristics and additionally motivations, editing the entries every time it splendid to go well with your identity.

Personality Traits 

D8Options For Personality Traits
1I like to show off, particularly if there's a chance to get a job offer in it.
2I am always gregarious and cheerful, no matter the situation, as long as I am paid well.
3To me, the whisper of steel and the clash of weapons is just as pleasing as any amount of gold.
4I always train because training leaves the person ready even in a moment of respite or weakness.
5I hold myself to a strict code of ideals.
6I keep my personal possessions in secret places which are known only to me.
7I would do anything to protect my weapons of arm, for I know it will protect me in return.
8I do nothing, move no finger or a blade, unless I hear the jingling sound of coins.


d6Options For Flaws
1I'll do anything for coin, damn the consequences.
2As much as I pretend to love fighting, I secretly hate hurting others.
3I have crippling debts that my work barely pays it off.
4I never fail at my tasks, even if I have to resort to less honourable means to complete them.
5I would send an innocent to face his death if it means I will win the fight.
6Someone powerful would do anything to have my head, so I seek to gain his or her head first.


d6Options For Ideal
1Golden Soul: I fight for money, and nothing else. (Neutral)
2Great Publicity: I will be known for my deeds, sooner rather than later. (Any)
3Power or Death: In my line of profession, the strong live and the weak starve. (Evil)
4Non-Sold Honor: I never break my promises. Never. (Lawful)
5War and Crime: Whenever chaos flourishes, so too does my work. (Chaotic)
6Good for Sale: I am a sellsword who swings his weapon only in the name of good. (Good)


d6Options For Bond
1I became a mercenary to support my family, who would have probably starved in a slum somewhere if not for me.
2I fight for a lover that knows little if not nothing of me.
3I was inspired by a great hero to become a mercenary.
4I treat my valued comrades like brothers, and I will let no insult or injury fall upon them.
5I seek to protect something of great importance to me by keeping it a secret, so you better forget what you just heard.
6I never disrespect an employer, if they never disrespect me or stop giving me money.

So as per our view, you’re searching for something else now, possibly the increased reward for the dangers that you’ve taken, or else the freedom for deciding on your very own activities. It may want to be for some reason, you’re leaving behind the existence of the soldier for hire. But finally, your capabilities are undeniably applicable for the battle, so now you can combat in a unique way.

There are many Mercenary 5e organizations that function up and down the sword coast and in the course of the north. But most of them are small-scale operations which employ from a dozen to a hundred people, those who ought to provide their safety services, brigands and additionally hunt monsters, or else go to the hostilities in an alternate for the gold.

You’ve full of expertise about this dnd Mercenary lifestyles as like solely any person these whoever have skilled it can. You are additionally capable to perceive the mercenary organizations by using their emblems and additionally you do comprehend the little related to any such company, which include their names, and additionally reputations of its commanders and even leaders, and those who have employed them recently.



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