Modrons in 5e: Full Guide – Lore, Abilities, Background

A modern is an artificial intelligence construct that takes on the form of a human or animal and serves as a sort of “teacher” to guide and instruct mortal creatures. They can be found all over the DnD universe, but their exact origins, purpose, and powers are shrouded in mystery.


Modron 5e

The most commonly observed type of modern is the quadrone, who were made to create order from chaos by measuring out their allotted sections of creation with perfect precision. The next most common type is the tridrone (aka ‘tridee’), an avatar that was created to measure out those sections in which it operates with a level of accuracy no quadrone could attain.

What is modron 5e in DnD?

The modron 5e in DnD are artificial beings that were created to help maintain the balance and order of the multiverse. They can take on any form they wish, from a human being to a lion. Their true origins are shrouded in mystery, but it is known that they were created by beings known as the dwellers who wished to maintain perfection wherever they went.

Though there are many types of modrons, the quadrone and tridrone are the most common forms. They have been known to be used by both good and evil organizations throughout the ages. They can also be found in the Dragonlance setting in the form of “Modrons” (a type of cyborg).

Included in the Nobles are the modron, created by a group known as the dwellers. The dweller’s goal was to match all aspects of their creation with perfection, and they did this by creating the quadrone and tridrone to create perfect measurements (though at what became an infinitely high level- perfection), but humans could not live forever. The modron were created to act as a second home for humans, who would not need to die, and monitors or teachers for them.

Why should I use modron 5e in DnD? 

Modron is an interesting race and would work well in any campaign. At first, their motivations seem simple, but it’s easy to see the real reasons behind their actions. They act as “teachers” and form a sort of hierarchy with the quadrone at the top, tridrone seconds from the top, then prime modrons third from the top, and so on. They follow a very organized method of teaching, yet in order for them to obtain perfection all actions must be measured for accuracy. Though we could interpret this as good or bad, it is still rather interesting to think about why they do this and how it affects them.

Final Verdict

Modron 5e is a strong and interesting race that fits in with almost any campaign. Though they started as servants to gods, they continue their mission of teaching mortals through all actions they take. The modron 5e would fit well in a “main character” position in any campaign and would add to the realism of your world. They also have abilities that are called out throughout DnD history as being rather powerful.

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