Orcish Fury 5e (5th Edition) Feat in Dnd Feats 

If you’ve never heard of Orcish Fury, it’s a new feat from the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition DnD system. It allows you to channel your anger or fear into a raging attack force that surges out at your foes. The feats are mainly for players who want more options when building their character but can be an exciting addition if you struggle with game balance. Orcs, in general, receive a boost in power under this feat, even more than they were already given by being powerful creatures of rage and hate themselves. 

Orcish Fury 5e

However, this is only one way to use the feat and does not indicate how other races will benefit from it. The feat comprises three simple parts, a requirement, an auction, and the opportunity to cast a spell. The Rage is another class feature I have already covered in my last article on rage in the 5th edition. The action is attacking and, by extension, scary looking. The spell gives you a buff that increases your attack and damage with rage powers, so you get to have that extra bit of control over your enemies that you don’t already have, thanks to your raging state.

Orcish Fury DnD 5E Feat: Requirements

The first part of the feat is the requirement of being an Orc. Yes, you heard me correctly. There is no class-specific requirement or any other limitation for this feat, and it is open to players of all classes and races who can gain rage powers or access rage as a class or feature at level one.

Orcish Fury DnD 5E Feat: Action

The action isn’t that difficult to perform and will likely be something you are already doing by default in most cases, if not all cases. It is simple enough to attack and channel the aggression of your enemy when fighting them. Most players should already be rolling for these attacks, especially if there is a degree of competition involved in the combat scene. 

Orcish Fury DnD 5E Feat: Opportunity

The final part of the feat is its unique use of the opportunity to cast a spell. This part of the feat has a class requirement, so you must be a fighter to gain access to it. The fighter’s Action Surge feature allows you to use your reaction to cast a spell as part of your action so long as your concentration isn’t broken by something else. This will enable you to channel your anger and channel it into a combat spell without interrupting your attacks at all.

Some other class features can also allow you to cast spells during combat. Such as the Barbarian’s Reckless Attack feature, which will enable them to launch a 1st level spell when they use Reckless Attack in their attack action, which by itself is yet another free attack on their target at the end of the turn.


Q1.What is the availability of Orcish Fury DnD 5E Feat?

Ans: The feat is always available to players of all characters and classes. It does not require you to be part of a specific class or race. So you may want to take the fighter Orc instead of the barbarian or thief to use this feature.

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