Out of the Abyss PDF Rage of Demons (Dungeons & Dragons)

As the popularity of Dungeons and Dragons grows, more and more people are looking for resources for the game. One such tool is the OUT OF THE ABYSS pdf adventure by Wizards of the Coast. This article discusses some online resources that you might find helpful in your D&D adventures.

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Out of the Abyss PDF

As we all know, there is a ton to learn about Dungeons and Dragons from books that are out there on how to play, how to create an adventure, how best to build your characters before said adventure begins, or even what publishers you should use for your products (the list goes on). In addition, those who have been D&D players for many years know that many out of print books on the market are incredibly helpful when preparing for a game. One such book is the Out of the Abyss adventure by Wizards of the Coast. I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of this book in 2016, which allowed me to play at our local game store several times with my character.

Out of the Abyss: Rage of Demons (Dungeons & Dragons)

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I will assume that you are well aware of your character’s race, class, and even level. If not, you can look up any information online or at your local game store to create a character and use a pre-generated one as referenced in this article. I will be discussing the book Out of the Abyss regarding what level you should play at, how to prepare your character and how best to create an adventure for this level.


Out of the Abyss is a D&D adventure about survival, betrayal, and redemption. I am writing this review to help you decide if it would be useful to you or not. This review will contain spoilers for Out of the Abyss.

Interesting story. I think that most people would enjoy reading on their own without being spoiled by first-hand knowledge of how it ends up. Lots of great detail on what characters are doing throughout the story, which was appreciated on my end. I found it interesting how they altered some parts of storytelling but kept others true for realism’s sake. So it was pretty cool seeing things go back and forth between those two styles as necessary for different parts of the story. They’ve turned to several gods who were previously worshipped by many on Faerûn like Lathander and Tyr; so far, though, all attempts have proven fruitless.

The Order has been tracking Orcus’ movements since he killed Azuth, and they have discovered that in 714 DR, he had plans to perform a dark ritual beneath the Temple of Elemental Evil in the village of Hommlet. The members of this order plan to undo that ritual and once again bring their goddess back to life by first defeating some of Orcus’ most powerful servants. Once this has been done, they plan to travel beneath the temple and destroy the artifact known as The Soulmonger.

The adventurers begin their journey at a secret underground base somewhere on the Sword Coast North. They meet up with several other travelers searching for a way into Undermountain from the tunnels beneath Hommlet.

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