Polearm Master 5e (5th Edition) Feat in Dnd Feats

Fighting is one of the most exciting and terrifying parts of playing a role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons. The flip side to all that excitement, though, is that fighting can also be very dangerous. You don’t want to start sword fighting in a tavern or have your character’s life cut short during their first fight because you didn’t know what you were doing. This guide was written for those just starting with D&D and those who feel like they’ve never taken a swing at the orcs before.


Polearm Master 5e

It is designed to be an elementary and straightforward guide. You will learn the essential advice you need to know, and then you can go on your own with your own experience. I have found it necessary to keep the information simple, not only for new players but also for people who may be new at playing their character but have been playing before.

Everyone has been through their first few sessions now, so all that information should be old news. To be straightforward, what does that exactly mean? Well, as you probably know by now, D&D is a role-playing game, and Role-playing games are all about making up adventures in your imagination.

Polearm Master DnD 5e Feat

While this guide is still in the development process, it has already been used by several DnD 5E group members. The overall consensus is that this guide version has been more helpful than other similar guides. This was my first guide on handling a fight instead of just using my player’s skills and using dice rolls as my way of determining what happens in combat. I have watched multiple playthroughs of  Dungeon Crawl Classics movies, and it is an excellent resource for learning how combat in D&D works.

Polearm Master is a feat that can be taken at the 3rd level, and it states that you can use any polearm in two hands as a finesse weapon. There are a few things to test your finesse weapon, but it is a straightforward feat to fulfill. You can use any weapon with the polearm damage type as a finesse weapon.

The last part of this feat can be fulfilled in many ways depending on which polearm you choose. Many of them have stats printed on the weapons themselves that may indicate that it does slashing damage or piercing damage. Just read the flavor text for each weapon to see if it says anything about making finesse weapon attacks. If there is no indication either way, then look at the stats and throw an attack roll just like any other attack roll to see if you hit or not.


Q1.Does polearm Master Use your reaction?

Ans: It does use your reaction, but it does not count as using your response for the turn. It does not matter if you are a rogue, monk, fighter, or whatever class you are, and you can make that attack as an action to swing your polearm.

Q2.Does polearm master add strength?

Ans: One would assume that using a pole weapon would add their strength to damage and defense. The short answer is you either can’t tell if it does just yet because polearms are so new of a type of weapon in the game.

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