Power Word Stun 5e Spell in D&D

The creature that you simply can see within a variety which leaving it dumbfounded so you’ve got to talk a word of power which will overwhelm the mind of a creature which you’ve got chosen. it’s stunned when the target has 150 hit points or fewer. without this, the facility Word Stun 5e spell will haven’t any effect.

At the top of every turn of its, the stunned target must make a Constitution saving throw but on a successful saving throw, this stunning effect will end.


Power Word Stun 5 e

Power Word Stun 5E

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Components: V
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Classes: Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, WizardPower word stun 5e


You utter one word of power that instantly causes one creature of your option to become stunned, whether the creature can hear the word or not. The duration of the spell depends on the target’s current hit point total. Any creature that currently has 151 or more hit points is unaffected by power word stun.

Power Word Stun and its lethal equivalent of an identical name are the smallest amount amounts of effort for the utmost amount of reward. Quite simply, you speak a “word of power” and a clear creature within 60-feet of you is instantly stunned or, if you employ the lethal version, has the lifeforce drained from it instantly. And… that’s it.

The level nine enchantment only works on creatures with 100 hit points or fewer, but aside from that, there are not any downsides to the spell. Nothing happens if the spell fails aside from you will be ready to confirm the minimum number of hit points the creature you targeted has. As power goes, it’s pretty god-like. You better pray you do not meet an enemy Wizard that knows it.

Conditions alter a creature’s capabilities during a sort of ways and may arise as a results of a spell, a category feature, a monster’s Attack, or another effect. Most Conditions, like blinded, are impairments, but a few, like invisible, are often advantageous.

A condition lasts either until it’s countered (the prone condition is countered by standing up, for example) or for a duration specified by the effect that imposed the condition.

If multiple Effects impose an equivalent condition on a creature, each instance of the condition has its own Duration, but the condition’s Effects don’t worsen . A creature either features a condition or doesn’t.

While the target is suffering from crippling pain, any speed it’s are often no above 10 feet. The target also has disadvantage on attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws, aside from Constitution saving throws. Finally, if the target tries to cast a spell, it must first succeed on a Constitution saving throw, or the casting fails and therefore the spell is wasted.

A target suffering this pain can make a Constitution saving throw at the top of every of its turns. On a successful save, the pain ends.

Power word spells have always struck me because the purest manifestation of magic in d&d. A wizard takes up magic so as to inform the universe what to try to to – no ifs, no buts, no silly hand waving, no saving throws. So imagine my shock when there have been only three within the PHB! Here’s my plan to remedy that.

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