Pyrotechnics 5e

Choose a section of nonmagical flame that you just can see which fits within a 5-foot cube within range. You’ll extinguish the fireplace in this area, and you create either fireworks or smoke once you do so.

Fireworks. The target explodes with a stunning display of colors. Each creature within 10 feet of the target must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or become blinded until the top of your next turn.

pyrotechnics 5e

Pyrotechnics 5e

  • Casting Time: 1 action
  • Range: 60 feet
  • Components: V, S
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Scales: No
  • Casters: Artificer, Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard

Smoke. Thick black smoke spreads out from the target during a 20-foot radius, on the move corners. the world of the smoke is heavily obscured. The smoke persists for 1 minute or until a powerful wind disperses it.

A brilliant flame leaps from the fingertips of the young Primidon and out above the group. a set of clouds forms overhead and bursts of white fire wreathe down. a picture of a dragon emerges and comes right down to kiss Primidon’s hand before being ripped apart by a torrent of flame. even as soon because the cyclone subsides, brilliant missiles of light shoot upward and burst into various colors, creating a display of stars inside a crystal sphere. The group oo’s and aah’s because the sphere spins and explodes one final time. The gang cheers, and therefore the show is over. As Primidon wipes the sweat from his bow, a man approaches.

Pyrotechnics turns a fireplace into a burst of blinding fireworks or a thick cloud of choking smoke, counting on your choice. The spell uses one fire source, which is instantly extinguished. a fireplace so large that it exceeds a 20-foot cube is merely partly extinguished. Magical fires aren’t extinguished, although a fire-based creature used as a source takes 1 point of injury per Caster Level.

Fireworks: The fireworks are a flashing, fiery, momentary burst of glowing, colored aerial lights. This effect causes creatures within 120 feet of the fireplace source to become blinded for 1d4+1 rounds (Will negates). These creatures must have line of sight to the fireplace to be affected. Spell Resistance can prevent blindness.

Smoke Cloud: A stream of smoke billows out from the fireplace, forming a choking cloud that spreads 20 feet altogether directions and lasts for 1 round per Caster Level. All sight, even Darkvision, is ineffective in or through the cloud. All within the cloud take –4 penalties to Strength and Dexterity (Fortitude negates). These effects last for 1d4+1 rounds after the cloud dissipates or after the Creature leaves the world of the cloud. Spell Resistance doesn’t apply.

Pyrotechnics may be a classic 1st edition spell created by the Netherese pyromaniac Primidon, creator of this, burning hands, and incendiary cloud. Its use and effect have changed quite bit. It previously had a variety of up to 400 ft. In the 4th edition, it had been a ritual of shooting a firework into the sky like a sign flare. Now it’s an easy purpose: disrupt the sight of your enemies.

While no creatures naturally understand it, this spell is astounding for ambush humanoid mages, especially in underground caverns. Have a troop of mercenary drow or a duergar mind master captain together with his cohorts stalk the party for trespassing ambush them while they’re sitting around the fire. The blinding firework disorients the party; then they open their eyes to darkness.

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