Ray of Enfeeblement 5e (5th Edition)

A black beam of enervating power springs from your finger towards a creature inside the range. Make a ranged spell assault towards the target. On a hit, the goal offers solely 1/2 injury with weapon assaults that use Strength till the spell ends.

Casting Time

1 action


Warlock, Wizard

ComponentsV S

Up to 1 minute




Ray of Enfeeblement


60 feet

Spell Attack


A creature within range

Ray of Enfeeblement 5e 

So each ray of enfeeblement and remedy mild wounds work the equal way: they scale the brought range to a max of +5, and the die does no longer change. At the fifth level, therapy mild wounds maxes out at 1d8+5, and at the 10th, a ray of enfeeblement maxes out at 1d6+5. The entry for the most on the ray of enfeeblement is barely clearer, and would possibly be my desire for clarifying; I don’t understand why they gave the most entry on treatment mild wounds quick shrift.

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At the cease of every of the target’s turns, it can make a Constitution saving throw in opposition to the spell. On a success, the spell ends.


  • Does Ray of Enfeeblement have an effect on a Hunter’s Mark too?

Yes. The injury from Hunter’s Mark is decreased through a Ray of Enfeeblement.

  • Is Ray of Enfeeblement the most effective spell tenth-degree wizard can wield?

The sole clarification I want from empowering spell, it when they say that you calculate the injury for every die for the magic missile is due to the fact every missile is an assault (they can be directed at exclusive targets) of simply for lowering the usual injury (because of the rounding down rule).

  • Are NPCs and monsters conscious that they are hit via the ray of enfeeblement?

The ray is seen, to begin with, and even if not, or the goal was once now not perceptive adequate to be aware the ray or the caster chanting and waving their palms around, they would simply word their energy losing substantially.

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