Resilient 5e (5th Edition) Feat in Dnd Feats

The Resilient feat is in the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition Player’s Handbook. The feat gives a bonus to saving throws and AC when reduced to half or less of its maximum value. A common mistake that many players make is not understanding what this feat does. In this article, we’ll explore how the Resilient Feat works under different circumstances and highlight some of its intricacies. This article is divided into three parts:

Resilient 5e

Part 1: This part covers what a player might reasonably expect from a Resilient character. In practical terms, this is how the feat interacts with other abilities.

Part 2: Saving throws and AC after being reduced to 0 HP

This part covers what happens when you are reduced to 0 hit points using two different methods of lowering HP.

Part 3: Saving throws before reaching 0 hit points 

This part covers what happens when you are not yet at 0 HP but must make a save.

What is the precisely Resilient DnD 5E Feat do?

In the newest iteration of the Dungeons and Dragons game, two significant additions to the class system have been updated from previous editions. One is a unique feat for fighters called Resilient. For fighters, this feat can be used to negate one instance of taking a level of exhaustion after a short rest. While it does not take up a fighter’s average daily recovery, this ability can only be taken once between any given long rest session and is only available at the fifth fighter level or higher. It is also limited to those not proficient with heavy armor or shields. The other addition is a new way to play a rogue. The rogue class has been twofold altered in 5E. First, there are now three varieties of rogues:

  • Dagger – these rogues specialize in short-range sneak attacks with daggers and use their Dexterity for their damage. They get to choose between 5d6 and d10 for damage on the attack rolls with daggers from level 1-3, and from level 4-5, they get to choose between 5d6 and 8d8.
  • Sword – these rogues have gotten a significant bonus to Strength and use that as their damage bonus for their primary attacks. From levels 1-3, they get to choose between 5d6 and d10 for damage on the attack rolls, and from levels 4-5, they get to choose between 5d6 and 8d8.
  • Archery – these rogues have learned to use the longbow, but their main attack is a ranged sneak attack. Their regular bow attacks are not sneak attacks on their own, so they have diminished utility compared to other rogues. At levels 4-5, they gain a secondary damage bonus of 5d6 or 8d8 when using a longbow.


Q1.Can you take the resilient feat more than once?

Ans: Resilience is the ability of an object to return to its original state after being stretched, compressed, or struck. The Resilient feat grants you additional benefits when you make saving throws against specific tables in epic play. You can only take this feat once, so if you want to access all the benefits it offers, you need to choose which table will benefit your character most.

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