Rival Intern 5e (5th Edition) Background in D&D Backgrounds

You have connections to your preceding organization or different agencies you have dealt with throughout your preceding employment. You can talk with your contacts, gaining facts at the DM’s discretion.

If you have been comfortable with your preceding internship, the parting of approaches may have been amicable. If not, it would possibly have worried armed guards doing away with you from the premises.

It appears like you don’t remember the place you go, your rival has already been there, and they’ve already been busy. Whenever you enter a new location, you might also or might also now not hear any rumors surrounding your rival and their deeds. The rival may also have slain some difficult monsters, reclaimed some misplaced treasure, rescued a necessary character, or simply did something staggering in front of everyone. Regardless, your rival is already beforehand of you. Still, it may additionally be feasible for you to arrive at a new area earlier than or at the same time as your rival.

Imagine the enjoyment that may want to be had over the path of a marketing campaign if the gamers are continuously bumping up in opposition to a rival enterprise that is thwarting their plans or beating them to the punch. This ebook is a treasure for DMs and I’m pointing that out in the center of a chapter on participant alternatives no less.

Rival Intern 5e

  • Skill Proficiencies: History, Investigation
  • Tool Proficiencies: One type of artisan’s tools
  • Languages: Any one of your choice

The e-book closes with quite a number of Appendices that are coming for dnd fifth Edition books. Major Acquisitions Incorporated characters are shared as NPCs, new monsters like the AI-iconic Keg Robot are included, and the Battle Balloon and Mechanical Beholder, two usual AI vehicles, are there.

Casual dnd gamers will revel in this book, as the type and business enterprise role preferences are well-implementing and darned entertaining. DMs will love this e-book for the protected journey or the dragon’s horde of approaches; it can be pilfered for home-brew games. Longtime Acquisitions Incorporated followers will love this ebook due to the fact it excellently captures the experience and taste of the video games that they’ve watched on YouTube.

Personality Trait

d8Personality Trait
1My previous employer didn’t respect me, and now I’ll do whatever I can to gain respect.
2The job is important, but the relationships I forge with my coworkers are even more so.
3The job is everything to me. Who needs relaxation, hobbies, and a social life?
4I know I’m not the best and brightest, but if I put my best self forward, I can overcome anything.
5My former boss was an idiot. So was my boss before that. And before that. I’m sure those were all coincidences.
6This company is so much better than my previous one. It will always be the best until they stop paying me.
7I know this dagger belongs to the company, but I’m sure they won’t miss it. Or this flask. Or this armor.
8It’s only a matter of time before I’ll be upper management. I just have to kiss up to my superiors and kick down those beneath me.


1Advancement. Money and power can be gained more easily within an organization. I plan to gain as much as possible. (Evil)
2Structure. Life goes much more smoothly when you follow the rules and work within a system. (Lawful)
3Uncertainty. The more chaos that swirls around me, the more opportunities I can find to profit. (Chaotic)
4Justice. I can’t stand people being treated unjustly. I do whatever it takes to stop injustice and those who flout the law. (Lawful)
5Pleasure. What’s the use of working hard and making money if you can’t enjoy the finer things in life? (Any)
6Power. Money is fine, but real power means never having to say you’re sorry. (Evil)


1I have a family member in need. I consider them in everything I do.
2My peers keep me grounded.
3My past mistakes cost someone else dearly. I have to rectify that.
4A childhood mentor put me on my current path. If I succeed, I want to repay that mentor in some way.
5I value an oath of loyalty I took to a group of friends over everything else in my life.
6Although I don’t get along well with people, my pet means the world to me.


1I know what’s best. Trust me.
2Flaw? I have no flaws. I’m perfect.
3My loyalties are… fluid.
4If anything goes wrong, it must be someone else’s fault. Let me explain that in detail.
5There’s right and there’s wrong, and there’s no gray area in between.
6Our superiors might not like what you’re doing. I’m going to have to put that in my report.

The artwork sketch is perfect, as the photographs are enjoyable and colorful. The graph of the e-book is incredible, as the textures, colors, and layout of the whole lot couldn’t be better. The writing is off-the-charts, as the textual content is now not solely clear, it’s smart and hilarious as well.

It’s the uncommon e-book that tries to be something for everyone–players and dungeon masters alike–and succeeds with aplomb. Hats off to each of the dnd and the Penny Arcade teams. Well, polish up the resume, due to the fact AI has a function for you. Downtime has by no means been so exciting in the 40+ 12 months of records of DnD.


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