Scarecrow Creature Guide 5e: Tactics and Background

Scarecrow is an animated object that is brought to life by infusing them with the spirits of slain friends or another type of evil creature. Scarecrow has an odd ability contour that is mostly flat but with above-average Charisma and dexterity. These animated objects provide only a power source for their terrifying glare feature and it is designed with some modest defense against banishment.

Scarecrow 5e

Scarecrow is brought to life by hags, and witches and this new life comes from monstrous abilities. While the spirit of the Scarecrow has come from demons and devils the souls of other creatures will be served as well. Once when the Scarecrow has been awakened this will completely lose all the memories of its former self. And the Scarecrow’s old personality may sometime reappear or will remind them of the dead creature.


Normally Scarecrow which will remain motionless and it is distinguishable in the form of a normal scarecrow and often it uses the ability to lay traps. It is a magical construct and it has no need for air, drink, or food, and this Scarecrow will require no sleep that is it will be always brisk without any tiredness. Since this creature is created with the soul of demons or other Evil creatures and they hold their dark essence even after the binding process is completed. As mentioned earlier these creatures will lose their memories but still, they maintain a thirst for destruction and chaos.


Scarecrows are vulnerable to fire and it introduces an interesting behavioral wrinkle. Scarecrow is resistant to the physical damage from the normal weapons and it also has an effective multi-attack which can impose the frightened condition and it is one of the most disadvantages to the opponent who are trying to fight back. Its claw attacks with the use of dexterity and not in strength so the Scarecrow is one of the best thought as a shock attacker it specializes in shift hard strikes and also it is reluctant to engage in the drawn-out combat. Players who find themselves fighting with the group of scarecrows should be very cautious since they are fighting with a terrifying glare ability creature and it is one of the vulnerable souls with razor-sharp claw attacks. The character of each scarecrow is ranged attacks and it will have an easier time against the Scarecrow which is granted with those attacks are magical. Normally the Scarecrow will attack twice with its claws and after a successful attack, it will have a chance to frighten the players. To make the condition worse the scarecrows will resist damage from ordinary weapons. The players without the use of magic weapons will have a difficult time with this vicious monster. It is one of the poisonous creatures during the time of the attack and it will be completely weak with fire.

End notes

Scarecrow is constructed from the soul of the demon and it is one of the frightful creatures it can prove a surprisingly dangerous enemy. The Scarecrow is very much perfect which is used in harvest-themed campaigns and they haunt with the twilight hour which is eager to trap and suspecting adventures.

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