Shifter 5e (5th Edition) Race in D&D Races

Shifters have a tendency to be healthy and lithe with extra animalistic features, however, every shifter is associated with a particular kind of lycan and will have elements uniquely applicable to their ancestral creature. Playing a shifter ability you’re generally free to select an animal and improve your personality around it. Is your shifter associated with the classical werewolf with a canine’s snout and fangs? How about the tomcat facets of a weretiger? How about the whiskers and scruffy fur of a wererat? Or go certainly nuts and construct a large cumbersome were whale shifter. Or the bristling fur and tusks of a werebear. Shifters are a template you’re free to play around with, select an animal and have fun.

Shifter 5e (5th Edition) race in dnd


Shifter 5e

Most variations of Dungeons & Dragons have some variety of shapeshifters, and D&D 5E is no different. The Shifters are a race of humans from Eberron: Rising from the Last War who radically change from humanoid forms. They grow to be in part animalistic, although for a brief time and are extraordinarily embracing of nature. However, their bestial shape and they are usually wild seems to be motive many to seem to be upon them as peculiar and animalistic. How actual is that fact? Our Shifter 5E race information will tackle this regularly trodden-upon person.

General Information

  • Other names: Weretouched
  • Homeland(s): The Eldeen Reaches
  • Language(s): Common


  • Size: Medium
  • Type: Natural humanoid


  • Average height: 5’7″ – 6’0″
  • Average weight: 130-180 lbs.

Shifters have no language of their personal and frequently stay in blended communities. Their names normally overlap with the names of other cultures in their region. Many shifters opt to hold their non-public names for their buddies and use “wandering names” with strangers. These are generally tied to a bodily or character trait.

The beast inside shapes every shifter bodily and mentally. The 4 foremost subraces of shifter include: beachside, long tooth, swift stride, and will hunt. Choose a subrace for your shifter.

Swiftstride shifters are sleek and quick. Typically tomcat in nature, swift stride shifters are regularly aloof and hard to pin down bodily or socially.

  • Ability Score Increase: Your Dexterity rating will increase through 2, and your Charisma rating will increase via 1.
  • Graceful: You have skill ability in the Acrobatics skill.
  • Shifting Feature: While shifted, your taking walks velocity will increase by way of 10 feet. Additionally, you can pass up to 10 toes as a response when a creature ends its flip inside 5 ft of you. This reactive motion doesn’t provoke chance attacks.

None pretty be aware of the origins of the Shifters. Many really say they are the descendants of people contaminated with lycanthropy. Others say they are fey beings, lanced with magic to make certain their reliance on nature and herbal things. Whatever the cause, they are human-like creatures in a position to radically change in part into a bestial form. Their minds may additionally be as sane as any human’s, however, their primal structure lurks below the surface, threatening to spoil them from civilized society in an instant.

The Shifter’s physique does shift a lot based totally on your internal beast. A Bear would possibly reason a hairier, huge Shifter, whilst one with a lioness’s spirit may be smooth and thin. They are absolutely humanoid and human-like even when they are modified or at their most feral.

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